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Manager, Canada

How to Prepare for a Performance Appraisal as Appraiser

It is wise to put yourself in the position of the recipient of the appraisal you are about to give to someone else. How would you receive the information if it was directed at you?
Some questions to ask yourself to prepare a performance appraisal you're about to give:
  1. Is the appraisal FAIR?
  2. Is it ACCURATE? If your answer is yes.. Can it be supported with facts and examples? If your answer is no.. Then remove it from the appraisal because it can & likely will destroy rather than build relationships.
  3. Is it based on CONSTRUCTIVE criticism or just criticism? My experience has shown me there are people who don't know the difference!
  4. What is the PURPOSE of your appraisal? Is it to help achieve positive results or an excuse to hold someone back?
Just a few questions - I'm sure there are others that are just as important...


Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Tips to Prepare a Performance Appraisal as Appraiser

Compliments Ms. Briolet, I'm finding your questions are hitting the nail on the head. Thanks for sha... Sign up

HR Consultant, Trinidad and Tobago

Before Even Preparing a Performance Appraisal...

I suggest a simple consideration (enabling any PA to be accurate at all): 0. What RECORDS do you ma... Sign up

HR Consultant, Nicaragua

CRIA Methodology (Hay Group) for Performance Appraisals

There is a great methodology used by Hay Group. It consist in deliver your feedback by constructing ... Sign up

Paolo Barbujani
Controller, Italy

Preparing an Objective Performance Appraisals

Before the appraisal I make a JOB/RULE ANALYSIS with responsibilities, expected results, skills requ... Sign up

Patricia Pitsel
Consultant, Canada

Preparing for a Performance Appraisal

In addition, one should also CHECK RESULTS AGAINST AGREED UPON GOALS established at the beginning of... Sign up

Ed Neri
HR Consultant, Philippines

Make a Habit of Taking Notes to Prepare a Later Performance Appraisal

A performance appraisal, both for the appraiser and appraisee, is a HABIT. It is not an annual, a se... Sign up

Phionah Atuhaire
Project Manager

Preparing for Appraisal

Thanks everybody for your contributions. An appraisal, in my opinion is tough for both the appraiser... Sign up

HR Consultant, Zimbabwe

Tips for Performance Appraisal Preparation

It is an irrefutable fact that preparation is key to the whole process of appraisal. But maybe the q... Sign up

Rajan Johri

How to Prepare for a Performance Appraisal as Appraiser

Before appraising others appraise your own self. It is important to BE AWARE OF YOUR BIASES AND BELI... Sign up

A. Iken, Netherlands

Preparing for Appraisal is a Mutual Task

Any appraisal feedback should not come as a surprise to the employee. It should be recognizable and ... Sign up

Manager, South Africa

How to Prepare for Performance Appraisal

This process can be much easier and understood if planning has been done. An employee therefore shou... Sign up

Manager, Zimbabwe

Tips to Prepare for Performance Appraisals

I agree with @Rajan Johri. It is also important for the two sides to be on the same page regarding t... Sign up

Mel Greg Concepcion
Professor, Philippines

Considerations for Preparing a Performance Appraisal

A performance appraisal should be considered a very important method of giving positive feedback to ... Sign up

Stefan van Berchem
Analyst, Belgium

SMART Performance Appraisals

I agree with @CLAUDIUS RWODZI that conducting a good appraisal discussion starts with setting SMART ... Sign up

sorina bradea

Producing a Performance Appraisal as Appraiser

A performance appraisal meeting should be, in my opinion, the FORMAL MEETING RESULTING FORM ONE YEAR... Sign up

Debeli Geleta
Manager, Ethiopia

Getting Ready for Better Performance Appraisals

The issues with performance appraisals they are a complex activity and steps have to be followed bef... Sign up

Dr Vasundhara Padmanabhan
Manager, India

It's Difficult to Give Feedback to Some..

ATTITUDES matter the most. Performance on the portfolios allotted may be OK, but the conduct may be ... Sign up

Teacher, Viet Nam

STAR Model for Ensuring the Objectivity of a Performance Review

To develop the appraisal event as objective as possible, the appraiser should be clear about certain... Sign up

Carol Mulenga
HR Consultant

Focus Areas for Performance Appraisals

Some further questions to prepare a performance appraisal: - What are the employee's SUCCESSES sinc... Sign up

Professor, India

Performance Appraisal of Employees

The first 2 questions of FAIRNESS & ACCURACY should also be tackled by the appraiser discussing the ... Sign up

Bitta Pascal

Starting Point for Performance Appraisal of Employees

I am happy with the above topic and reactions. I'd like to emphasize the analysis of the employer's... Sign up

Sandy Szilage
United States

How to Prepare for a Performance Appraisal as the Appraiser

I agree with @A. Iken. An appraisal of the performance of an employee is a two way process. Both the... Sign up

Alcheraus Rwazo
CEO, Tanzania

How to Prepare Performance Appraisal of Employees

I agree with all comments given above. My emphasis is one needs to consider seriously the PURPOSE of... Sign up

Professor, India

Performance Appraisal

Make sure you avoid common errors in performance appraisals. An appraisal process has to be fair, un... Sign up

s c narang
HR Consultant, India

The Aim of a Performance Appraisal

Proper performance management focuses on: - ASSESSMENT of the expected performance - FEEDBACK - C... Sign up

Fahrettin Otluoglu, CMC
Management Consultant, Turkey

Performance Review Should Create Value to Both Sides


Afari, Iran

Objectives of the Appraiser in a Performance Appraisal

In this process, the important objectives for the appraiser should be guiding, coaching, mentoring t... Sign up

Jim Johnstone
Consultant, United States

How to Prepare a Performance Review

Many good thoughts above. Here are some things I have learned about how to prepare such an event: A... Sign up

David H. De Jesus
Director, Saudi Arabia

How to Conduct Appraisals with Confidence

Doing an appraisal on someone is associating him/her towards a process of how he is being "A VALUE" ... Sign up

Project Manager, South Africa

Preparing a Performance Appraisal with Employees

The foundation of a fair performance appraisal is the OPENNESS from both parties (line manager and e... Sign up

Conny Morokweng
Student (MBA), Botswana

How to Prepare for Employee Performance Appraisals

A performance appraisal should be seen as a performance review by both the manager and the employee.... Sign up

Sandy Szilage
United States

Questions to Prepare a Performance Appraisal

Briolett gave 4 questions as a starting point to the appraisal of performance, to those I would add ... Sign up

HR Consultant, Kenya

Checks Before Conducting an Performance Appraisal

Without clearly UNDERSTOOD OBJECTIVES it's futile to carry out an appraisal. Many times managers and... Sign up

K.Narayana Moorthy
HR Consultant, India

Reflections on the Nature of a Performance Appraisal

Basically a performance appraisal is a two-way system that aims to DEVELOP, MOTIVATE AND IMPROVE PER... Sign up

Bernie Althofer
Teacher, Australia

Consider the Risks of Performance Management and Appraisals

Going from a point of conducting workshops to now providing advice and guidance on the prevention, d... Sign up

Professor, India

Performance Appraisal versus Employees Potential

The object of management is to bring out the potential of the employee to the fullest extent. In thi... Sign up

Rahamathulla Mohamed Rawther
HR Consultant, United Arab Emirates

Appraisers Ability and Quality

Unfortunately most of the appraisers are not QUALIFIED to do a constructive analysis and give biased... Sign up

Brian Mitchell
Partner, United States

Consider Performance Appraisal as an Opportunity and as a Tool

Thanks to everyone for some outstanding input on this topic. My personal approach to appraisals echo... Sign up

Annette Rattigan-Leo
Saint Lucia

How to Prepare for Performance Appraisal as Appraiser

It is always useful a couple months before the actual appraisal to encourage the appraisees to revie... Sign up


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