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Martin Dale, USA

Checklist of 50+ Common Errors in Performance Appraisals

I was asked to make a list of common mistakes by managers in performance appraisals.
G.T. Milkovich and J.M. Newman report the following ones (Compensation, 2002):
1. Halo Effect: a favorable rating for all job duties based on performance in one duty in which the employee is a 'saint'. In general the halo effect is defined as an immediate judgement discrepancy, or cognitive bias, where a person making an initial assessment of another person, place, or thing will assume ambiguous (Editor: ~open to more than one interpretation; not having one obvious meaning) information based upon concrete information.
2. Central Tendency: rating all employees close to the midpoint of the scale (irrespective of their actual performance).
3. Recency Effect: judging overall effectiveness on the basis of recent experience.
Some others I found:
4. Subjectiveness: based on gut feeling
5. No/Poor Follow-up
6. Improper Preparation
Who can help me and provide further common mistakes or biases in employee appraisals? Thanks!


Michel Lemieux, Canada

Performance Appraisal Errors

You could add 7. Lack of preparation of evaluators (training, behaviours to evaluate, what is poor ... Sign up

Runyararo Chimwanda, Netherlands

Common Perfomance Management Errors

8. Cultural aspects prevent an objective rating: in some cases the way organisations view performanc... Sign up

Oosterhof, Netherlands

Common Performance Appraisal Mistakes

9. Making appraisals too complicated is a common mistake too (e.g. too many dimensions). Look at the... Sign up

David McAra
Consultant, United Kingdom

Performance Appraisal is a Big Mistake

The biggest mistake is imagining that performance appraisal is a useful idea and that organisation b... Sign up

shaikh husnuddin nooruddin
Student (MBA), Qatar

Mistakes by Managers in Appraisal

10. Not considering the period of service and education level of the employee.... Sign up

Mauro Piccone, Italy

People are Different

11. Not being adaptive in the appraisal. People are different and so the assessor has to be able to ... Sign up

Ugeux, Belgium

Common Mistakes in Appraisals

12. Use of a Gauss curve based on budget availability: whatever the actual performance level of the ... Sign up

ATBA Bouchaib
Technical Studies Service Manager, Morocco

Common Errors in Performance Appraisal

13. Overemphasizing negative aspects of the performance and neglecting positive ones. See Horn Effec... Sign up

NAVIN, India

Common Error Made Deliberately in Performance Appraisal.

14. Biasing deliberately towards employees is the most common error in performance appraisals.... Sign up

Gerald Abeyawardena

Performance Appraisal Errors

15. Leniency: giving higher marks than the individual's performance deserves. Usually because a) no ... Sign up

Joseph Sghendo
Director, Malta

Importance of the Person

17. Treating employees as assets: employees should not be viewed merely as an asset to the organisat... Sign up

Gana Cisse
P&CM, Senegal

Other Mistakes in Performance Appraisal

18. Projection Effect: when the appraiser projects himself, emphasizing his own experience or trying... Sign up

H P JANI, India

Frequent Performance Appraisal Mistakes

21. Impatience: an appraisal must be followed by hard work by the employee. Often it takes a lot of ... Sign up

Ngosa Mubanga, Zambia

Frequent Mistake by Managers in Appraising Surbordinates

22. Wait for the final appraisal to point out employee weaknesses.... Sign up

Philip Oldfield
Project Manager, United Kingdom

Frequent Performance Appraisal Errors

23. Lack of effort and viewing the appraisal as a purely annual activity. This is especially evident... Sign up

HR Consultant, Nicaragua

Frequent Performance Appraisal Errors

24. Lack of a Rational Technique to analyze the appraisal. There are several good ones, like the Cap... Sign up

Marcel Wiedenbrugge
Consultant, Netherlands

Performance Appraisal Purpose and Targets

26. Not clearly defining purpose and targets. Adding value is imho the sole and only purpose of each... Sign up

Project Manager, India

Performance Appraisal Errors

27. Annual meeting only: performance appraisal should not be limited to discuss across once in a ye... Sign up

Rev. Joseph Ubom, USA

Performance Appraisal Structure and Reward System

Organizations should create a more structured system of performance appraisal to avoid bias within t... Sign up

Manager, Iran

Frequent Performance Appraisal Flaws

29. Unqualified appraiser: since performance appraisal is playing an important role in both the empl... Sign up

Ray Hager, USA

Frequent Performance Appraisals Faults

30. (Un)pleasant surprises: nothing in a performance appraisal should be a surprise to the receiving... Sign up

Nirmala Herrkaur Strange
CxO / Board, United Kingdom

SMART Performance Appraisals

31. Objectives not SMART: discerning which employees are likely to take on board constructive feedba... Sign up

Civil Engineering , South Africa

Common Performance Appraisal Fallacies

32. Rigid appraisal formats: the appraisal system is many organizations is based on a standardised f... Sign up

Lecturer, Kenya

Problems with Perfomance Appraisals

The performance appraisal system is good in improving organizational achievement of goals. If used w... Sign up

Ismail Sahabodien, South Africa

Performance Appraisals Problems

34. Poor Identification of Objectives of Organization: the objectives were not properly identified i... Sign up

Ahmed N. Qeshta, Palestine, State of

Performance Evaluation System

35. The performance evaluation system itself is bad: it could be that the performance evaluation sys... Sign up

freelance trainer - soft skills, India

Biases and Grudges During Appraisal Time

36. Time to get even: a lot of supervisors wait for the appraisal to square up the pent up grudges. ... Sign up

Dodi Gunawan, Indonesia

Strictness in Performance Appraisal

37. Strictness. This "strictness" is subject to the tendencies to give low scores in performance app... Sign up

Senior Teaching Faculty , India

Errors in Appraisals in Multinationals due to Cultural Differences

In case of multinational companies: 38. Lack of cross culture understanding by the manager of one c... Sign up

Hor Kam Peng
Business Consultant, Malaysia

On 10: Years of Service and Education Level

@shaikh husnuddin nooruddin: Years of service and education level do not count for much if the emplo... Sign up

Simon Lum
Consultant, Australia

On 4. Performance Appraisal Being Too Subjective

It is a "performance appraisal", therefore a big part of this exercise must be based on assessing th... Sign up

Jozef Van Giel
Strategy Consultant, Belgium

The Main Mistake is Organizing Appraisals

The most important mistake of performance appraisals is 39. That they are being organized. You shou... Sign up

Teacher, India

Crucial Error in Performance Reviews

41. Not using the review for capacity building and training, but rather for withdrawing oneself by h... Sign up

Zinnia Umana
Manager, El Salvador

Mistakes when Conducting Performance Appraisals

Another common mistake is 42. Not having set basic rules and limits from the beginning. You may thi... Sign up

Mohammed Ishag Altaib
Strategy Consultant, Sudan

On 4. Use of Feelings Instead of Facts and Truth

I agree facts and the truth are the areas the evaluator needs to focus on when giving the feedback.... Sign up

Manager, Ghana

On 23. Lack of effort to Prepare Appraisal

In most cases, one does not even critically examine the output of the persons over a time frame and ... Sign up

Paolo Pozzi
Business Consultant, Italy

Question to To David McAra on Performance Appraisal Itself as a Mistake

@David McAra: I strongly agree that performance evaluation should not be only a hierarchy exercise. ... Sign up

Graham Blowers
Consultant, Mexico

Performance Appraisal is an Opportunity

The PA is an opportunity to review the progression and achievements of team members, to identify the... Sign up

Sally Abdel Raouf
Management Consultant

Problems in Performance Appraisal

43. Improper formulation of the appraisal form can increase the subjectivity in the appraisal proces... Sign up

Charles P. Keith
Management Consultant, United States

Problem with Performance Appraisals

Most performance appraisals are based on an agreed list of activities that the employee was to have ... Sign up

Nirmala Herrkaur Strange
CxO / Board, United Kingdom

Problems with Performance Appraisals

The emphasis is on agreed objectives/deliverables and more than a cursory understanding of functions... Sign up

Manager, Ghana

On 44. Impact Statements

@Charles P. Keith: that one agrees with his supervisor on impact statements to which the employee mu... Sign up

asada raymond
Accountant, Nigeria

Another Frequent Error in Performance Appraisals

46. Appraisers often lack adequate knowledge of the circumstances of the performance of the appraise... Sign up

Partner, India

Using Performance Appraisal for Victimizing or

47. Using Performance Appraisal to settle scores or victimize a sub-ordinate who does not toe the li... Sign up

David McAra
Consultant, United Kingdom

Why Conducting a Performance Appraisal is a Mistake

@Paolo Pozzi: Thanks for your question. My concern is that it puts our energy and attention in the w... Sign up

Syed Arifulla MBA, PMP, Prince2
Project Manager, United Kingdom

On 23: DELIBERATELY Not Informing the Employee with Proper Expectations and Metrics

Sometimes 49. Managers deliberately do not set up the proper expectations and metrics of the perfor... Sign up

Mark Fuller
Director, South Africa

Errors in Performance Appraisals

50. Not measuring against the appraisee's previous performance for sustainable performance growth. A... Sign up

Yashashree Borges
Manager, India

Errors in Performance Appraisals

51. Business heads not taking performance appraisals seriously. 52. Complicated or tedious performa... Sign up

Jozef Van Giel
Strategy Consultant, Belgium

Stop Appraisal Interviews

@Paolo Pozzi: Well, instead of relying on experience, we should rely on scientific evidence. Among o... Sign up

Manager, Canada

On 4: Subjective Appraisals

WHAT IS A SUBJECTIVE APPRAISAL? In subjective appraisals the opinion of the appraiser is given with... Sign up

Simon Lum
Consultant, Australia

On 27: Appraisal is not an Annual Affair

@Jayaram: I agree constant feedbacks and reinforcement from the immediate supervisor will have more ... Sign up

Ling CHONG, Singapore

On 26: Performance Appraisal Purpose and Targets

@Marcel Wiedenbrugge: I agree for any appraisal to be meaningful, the key performance indicators mus... Sign up

Javier Elenes
Business Consultant, Mexico

2 More Mistakes to Avoid in Performance Evaluation

There are 2 more common BIG mistakes that you should avoid in performance evaluations: 53. Blaming ... Sign up

Bad Spot
Consultant, Canada

Performance Management Bad Practices

For a long time, I've been wondering why do some organizations, usually with a very poor organizatio... Sign up

Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Relying on Hearsay

@Bad Spot: See #4, #6, #24, #36 and #47.... Sign up


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