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Oufedjikh Hafida

How to Give Constructive Feedback? Models and Tips

I would like to gather methods and best practices on giving constructive feedback... Perhaps you are using a particular feedback model, or do you have other tips? Thanks!

  John Prpich, USA

Best Practices on Constructive Feedback

Conducting a performance coaching
1. Make it as immediate as possible
2. Have your facts - gather all the relevant information, such as:
- Specific behaviors - use behavioral statements to identify the issues
- Dates- when, where, what time
- Impact of behaviors on guests and other colleagues - how is their behavior effecting others
- Consequences-this is most often the step missed but the most critical
The other key in providing feedback is language and word choices, the right words can motivate and of course the wrong words can demotivate. For example, we teach individuals to say, "You would be more effective if you...". This is a positive approach to helping someone move forward or closer toward the goal or expectation.
The actual session would look something like this:
Performance coaching feedback session steps:
1. Describe what you know
2. Ask for the employees interpretation
3. Explain why it’s important to change
4. Working with the employee, develop a plan to improve
5. Summarize the conversation
6. Document.


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