How to React When You are Undervalued?

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Ranjeet Kumar Mishra
Student (MBA), India

How to React When You are Undervalued?

How can you succeed when your tumultuous efforts are not recognized by your superiors and your performance is rated on personal grudge?


Management Consultant, Mexico

Your Tumultuous Efforts are not Recognized by your Superiors

When you are taking several actions "in the line of duty" you must be sure what is the real core value for organizationís strategies. That is the point, your superiors must clearly define what are the expectations and job description.

roberto gerace
Teacher, Italy

Efforts are not Recognised?

Ranjeet, the only person who can answer your question is you.

Madhukar Sakorkar
HR Consultant, India

How to React When You are Undervalued?

I completely agree with Jimenez:
- Being clear of what my superior expects of me is very critical because only then I can develop a measurement criteria, agree on a broad approach and act.
- Secondly, it is important to know if my efforts have led to the expected results - fully, partially or not at all. For the later two it would be important to analyze as to what came in my way of not accomplishing the results. Factors which belong to me - my failures - and factors which are external.
When I go with this analysis to my superior and present it a dialogue is possible. If it is really "personal grudge" (and I hope you have enough data to arrive at that conclusion) I would simply share my feelings of being undervalued, seek superior's permission, present my analysis as stated above and in a matter of fact way request him or her to reconsider the rating! This probably pushes the superior to also give reasons for the rating give. Essentially, a dialogue - without getting affected or taking things personally!


How to React When You are Undervalued

Personal grudge evaluations are difficult to substantiate and may result in further problems for the... Sign up

Anyebe, Peter
HR Consultant, Nigeria

Undervalued Performance

Before anything else the final purpose of work is self-development. Whether or not your work is reco... Sign up

Musonda Ernest Kabwe

How to React When Undervalued

Fist you need to have confidence in yourself and know the company's objectives and policy, then do w... Sign up


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