How to Deal with Average Performers?

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How to Deal with Average Performers?
Amirruddin Baba, Other, Malaysia

Managing Average Performers
They did deliver, if only a mediocre, standard performance. So they can not be dismissed on a non-performance basis.
They are the majority within most organisations.
How to purge some of them out of the organisation?... Register

Appraisal Systems are not Screening SystemsSign up
Jagdish B Acharya, Consultant, India
Appraisal systems should be aimed at human capital...

Reasons for Average PerformanceSign up
Madan Gopal Agarwal, Business Consultant, India
Amirruddin / Jagdish - well said. The appraisal pr...

How to Deal with Average Performers: Real Time ApproachSign up
John Prpich, USA
Madan, I believe the issue isn't with the concept ...

Average Performers not AverageSign up
Richard Petro, Business Consultant, United States
It sounds to me like somebody dodged (Ed: ~avoided...

Managerial Moment Of TruthSign up
Freddy Colson, CxO / Board, Belgium
I kind of agree with John Prpich. However, a manag...

Managing Average PerformersSign up
Richard Higham, Management Consultant, United Kingdom
I find
Linking Performance to the Right GoalsSign up
Nancy Roggen, OD and Professional Development , United States
Good point on the lagging indicator and the need f...

Providing the Employee with Specific Examples of BehaviorSign up
Jeff Pelletier, Business Consultant, United States
The two reasons people don't perform well, are the...

Average LeadershipSign up
David Wilson, Manager, Canada
If you have average performers, the problem may...

Managing or Leading?Sign up
Donald Hesseltine, Director, United States
The original post posed the question how to dea...

Managing Average PerformersSign up
Michael Del-Colle, United States
In my view, we need and should appreciate avera...

Managing Average PerformersSign up
nabzar, Manager, Morocco
It is the result of how managers deal with proc...

Managing Average PerformersSign up
John Prpich, USA
Sorry Nabzar, I couldn't disagree with you more, t...

Managing Average PerformersSign up
Andrew DePeppe, Entrepreneur, United States
David Wilson's comment, I believe, is spot on -

Do Away with 'Average'Sign up
Denis Nixon, Business Consultant, Philippines
Consider having only 3 overall performance scor...

Golden Performance Appraisal RuleSign up
Peter Gerdes, Management Consultant, Australia
Apart from the opportunity to set goals for the co...

Performance Appraisal: Part of Feedback SystemSign up
Jeff Pelletier, Business Consultant, United States
Indeed, the performance appraisal is to a large de...

Implement Team AppraisalsSign up
Dumitrescu Andrei, Business Consultant, Romania
If you allow me I would say that performance appra...

Performance Appraisal and Remuneration SystemSign up
Bana Kheirbeck, HR Consultant, Syria
I would like to say that from my work experience I...

Providing the Employee with Specific Examples of BehaviourSign up
Vivian Luth-Hanssen, Manager, Norway
Hi. Please accept a comment from a newcomer in the...

Staff Appraisals Should Stimulate Self DevelopmentSign up
Pauline Oruya, Manager, Kenya
The performance appraisal is a good tool to 1) mea...

Change the term 'Average' into 'Quality'?Sign up
Geoffrey Athey, Director, United States
I like the idea presented earlier by Denis Nixon t...

Generations and TrustSign up
Geoffrey Athey, Director, United States
Here in the US, we are struggling to integrate a u...

Managing Average PerformersSign up
KC Lim, CEO, Malaysia
Madan sums it up quite appropriately through th...

How are the Average Performers Managed?Sign up
Ben Wymer, Project Manager, Australia
Consistent average performers are a grand asset...

Many Average Performers?Sign up
Nicolae Enache, Consultant, Romania
If a department has many average performers, chanc...

Appraisal not a Punishment ToolSign up
Ian Howard Bull, Manager, South Africa
It should not be tool which should punish people, ...

The Average EmployeeSign up
Sey Ojo, Accountant, United Kingdom
Why would an employer have an average employee?...

Use Bell Curve to Increase the AverageSign up
Kleanthous, Strategy Consultant, United Kingdom
If you think about the collective appraisals of al...

Why Become an Over Average Performer?Sign up
Nilda Jelenic, Strategy Consultant, Argentina
I agree with D. Hesseltine and D. Wilson. Average ...

Problem with Bell CurvesSign up
John Prpich, USA
Bell curves only work if you have the right system...

Average Performers - we Can't All Over-performSign up
Sabine Pitcher, Manager, United Kingdom
I'm not quite sure I understand what we're talk...

Everyone Has a PlaceSign up
CALVO, Manager, United Kingdom
Sabine and I have similar ideas, I don't have aver...

Being Average is not a SinSign up
Jagdish B Acharya, Consultant, India
Most of the discussion somehow implies as if be...

My Book in Performance AppraisalSign up
Adewunmi Abayomi, Management Consultant, Lagos, Nigeria
I learnt a lot reading the various comments. Th...

Meets ExpectationSign up
Peter Gerdes, Management Consultant, Australia
Re the doing away with the term "average", ...

Managing Average PerformersSign up
Mrs. Josephine Idele, Partner, Nigeria
Average performers in an organisation is a two way...

Average Performers Want to GrowSign up
Madan Gopal Agarwal, Business Consultant, India
Very well said, Ms. Idele. That is where crux of '...

Is Average a 'Mean' Term?Sign up
Simon Elvin, Consultant, United Kingdom
Surely, by definition, some employees will be aver...


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