How to Deal with Average Performers?

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How to Deal with Average Performers?
Amirruddin Baba, Malaysia, Member
Managing Average Performers
They did deliver, if only a mediocre, standard performance. So they can not be dismissed on a non-performance basis.
They are the majority within most organisations.
How to purge some of them out of the organisation?...Sign up

Appraisal Systems are not Screening Systems
Jagdish B Acharya, Consultant, India, Premium Member
Appraisal systems should be aimed at human capital development, not for screening. Using this for screening or purging purpose is not right.
In a...Sign up

Reasons for Average Performance
Madan Gopal Agarwal, Business Consultant, India, Member
Amirruddin / Jagdish - well said. The appraisal process can be effectively used to raise the level of performance of someone to its highest potential....Sign up

How to Deal with Average Performers: Real Time Approach
John Prpich, United States, Member
Madan, I believe the issue isn't with the concept of appraisal, it's with the process.
Most performance appraisal processes don't work and...Sign up

Average Performers not Average
Richard Petro, Business Consultant, United States, Member
It sounds to me like somebody dodged (Ed: ~avoided) a bullet when rating people average if you are not happy with the average performers' results.
...Sign up

Managerial Moment Of Truth
Freddy Colson, CxO / Board, Belgium, Member
I kind of agree with John Prpich. However, a manager/leader needs to have performance appraisal from the moment he/she (I'm not going to repeat this a...Sign up

Managing Average Performers
Richard Higham, Management Consultant, United Kingdom, Member
I find Vroom's Expectancy Theory excellent for this: is the reason for the performance issue...Sign up

Linking Performance to the Right Goals
Nancy Roggen, OD and Professional Development , United States, Member
Good point on the lagging indicator and the need for in the moment feedback. It is helpful to clarify expectations for results and behavior at the beg...Sign up

Providing the Employee with Specific Examples of Behavior
Jeff Pelletier, Business Consultant, United States, Member
The two reasons people don't perform well, are they don't want to, or they cannot. Training is obviously the answer when a person cannot.
Concern...Sign up

Average Leadership
David Wilson, Manager, Canada, Premium Member
If you have average performers, the problem may be that the leadership is also average. I have found that great leaders (Sign up

Managing or Leading?
Donald Hesseltine, Director, United States, Member
The original post posed the question how to deal with average performers, the responses appear to focus on appraisals. Seems to me 'managing' p...Sign up

Managing Average Performers
Michael Del-Colle
In my view, we need and should appreciate average performers. They help to define both the best and the worst in performance.
Some might a...Sign up

Managing Average Performers
nabzar, Manager, Morocco, Member
It is the result of how managers deal with processes like: setting up objectives, are these objectives relevant and supporting organisation's s...Sign up

Managing Average Performers
John Prpich, United States, Member
Sorry Nabzar, I couldn't disagree with you more, that has nothing to do with the success of managing performance. It has to do with the process...Sign up

Managing Average Performers
Andrew DePeppe, Entrepreneur, United States, Member
David Wilson's comment, I believe, is spot on - average leadership trends to mediocre performance. Clearly providing expectations of what is to...Sign up

Do Away with 'Average'
Denis Nixon, Business Consultant, Philippines, Member
Consider having only 3 overall performance scores:
1. Needs improvement
2. Quality
3. Exceptional.
Also measure against bus...Sign up

Golden Performance Appraisal Rule
Peter Gerdes, Management Consultant, Australia, Member
Apart from the opportunity to set goals for the coming period and to discuss development needs, the performance "appraisal" should be a summary of per...Sign up

Performance Appraisal: Part of Feedback System
Jeff Pelletier, Business Consultant, United States, Member
Indeed, the performance appraisal is to a large degree part of the "feedback" system.
Feedback should be ongoing, specific, timely, relevant, ...Sign up

Implement Team Appraisals
Dumitrescu Andrei, Business Consultant, Romania, Member
If you allow me I would say that performance appraisal within organization is not about individuals but about team working. An individual may be an av...Sign up

Performance Appraisal and Remuneration System
Bana Kheirbeck, HR Consultant, Syria, Member
I would like to say that from my work experience I think that individual performance should be related to remuneration system as well as the compan...Sign up

Providing the Employee with Specific Examples of Behaviour
Vivian Luth-Hanssen, Manager, Norway, Member
Hi. Please accept a comment from a newcomer in the forum! For employees to learn and develop themselves beyond their (relative) mediocre performances ...Sign up

Staff Appraisals Should Stimulate Self Development
Pauline Oruya, Manager, Kenya, Member
The performance appraisal is a good tool to 1) measure the staff performance on a regular basis say monthly of quarterly, and 2) tie in staff performa...Sign up

Change the term 'Average' into 'Quality'?
Geoffrey Athey, Director, United States, Member
I like the idea presented earlier by Denis Nixon to change the category ‘average’ to ‘quality’. The problem is I've seen that category name change 3 o...Sign up

Generations and Trust
Geoffrey Athey, Director, United States, Member
Here in the US, we are struggling to integrate a unique generation into the professional workforce. At the risk of offense, I'll make only one general...Sign up

Managing Average Performers
KC Lim, CEO, Malaysia, Member
Madan sums it up quite appropriately through the 3 'lacks' and their solutions. Although it appears the onus to provide such solutions lies wit...Sign up

How are the Average Performers Managed?
Ben Wymer, Project Manager, Australia, Member
Consistent average performers are a grand asset to any business, being in a position where you can predict business performance is not a bad pl...Sign up

Many Average Performers?
Nicolae Enache, Consultant, Romania, Member
If a department has many average performers, chances are big that the management is 'average'. Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi wrote years ago that perfor...Sign up

Appraisal not a Punishment Tool
Ian Howard Bull, Manager, South Africa, Member
It should not be tool which should punish people, but it should rather be a developmental tool, which should assist the both the appraissee and...Sign up

The Average Employee
Sey Ojo, Accountant, United Kingdom, Member
Why would an employer have an average employee?
It could be due to "recruitment error" or it could be due to mismatch between the promises...Sign up

Use Bell Curve to Increase the Average
Kleanthous, Strategy Consultant, United Kingdom, Member
If you think about the collective appraisals of all your employees - you would expect to see a "bell jar effect" where you have those who are u...Sign up

Why Become an Over Average Performer?
Nilda Jelenic, Strategy Consultant, Argentina, Member
I agree with D. Hesseltine and D. Wilson. Average performance might show average leading.
I also would take a good look to what are the advent...Sign up

Problem with Bell Curves
John Prpich, United States, Member
Bell curves only work if you have the right systems in place. What if the problem isn't the employee but it's you and your approach to their work, the...Sign up

Average Performers - we Can't All Over-perform
Sabine Pitcher, Manager, United Kingdom, Member
I'm not quite sure I understand what we're talking about when we mean "average performers". Surely, not everybody can be outstanding - there wo...Sign up

Everyone Has a Place
CALVO, Manager, United Kingdom, Member
Sabine and I have similar ideas, I don't have average performers in my company. Only varied in talents and abilities.
Some excel academically, ot...Sign up

Being Average is not a Sin
Jagdish B Acharya, Consultant, India, Premium Member
Most of the discussion somehow implies as if being average is a sin. So a messiah must take them out of averagedom and bring salvation.
A...Sign up

My Book in Performance Appraisal
Adewunmi Abayomi, Management Consultant, Nigeria, Member
I learnt a lot reading the various comments. They are well reasoned and pragmatic. Most of the reactions are detailed in my book just published...Sign up

Meets Expectation
Peter Gerdes, Management Consultant, Australia, Member
Re the doing away with the term "average", I agree with Denis Nixon and Geoffrey Athey that it is a problem.
I use the rating "meets ex...Sign up

Managing Average Performers
Mrs. Josephine Idele, Partner, Nigeria, Member
Average performers in an organisation is a two way thing:
- One, sometimes they bring out very good ideas when in a team.
- Two, a...Sign up

Average Performers Want to Grow
Madan Gopal Agarwal, Business Consultant, India, Member
Very well said, Ms. Idele. That is where crux of 'managing versus leading' comes in. To me, there are no average performers. It is only relativ...Sign up

Is Average a 'Mean' Term?
Simon Elvin, Consultant, United Kingdom, Member
Surely, by definition, some employees will be average, if average means 'in the middle'.
The trouble can be in our different interpretati...Sign up


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