Broken Confidentiality of Performance Appraisals

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Broken Confidentiality of Performance Appraisals
Hans Havelaar, Member
Hi, my problem is related to behaviour of my boss, who is a causing trouble, especially between employees, because he is spreading info gathered from one member of the team to the other members of the team. Doing that, he could get the others in a position to open their mouths too.
For instance, the last thing he did was my last perfomance appraisal, where I complained and wrote about the bad office environment.
While the performance evaluation is a confidential document, the things written there are to be known only by me, my supervisor and the boss of my supervisor, I noticed that my team mates started to reproach me what I've written in the performance evaluation.
My question is: how should I deal with that?
Many thanks for any ideas!

Broken Confidentiality
This is a lack of professionalism by your boss. If there is a chain of claim within your company, you should probably go higher up so that they know what is happening. Sometimes senior managers do not know of such situations that threaten the internal relationship of workers and create unnecessary conflicts. If there are 2 or more people who think the same as you, your boss have problems of leadership.

Appraisal Confidentiality & Professionalism
S Luther
My feeling is that your boss has his own problems of how to lead, not understanding that trust and integrity are important to be a good leader. He has certain powers and he is misusing them.
If your appraisal has gone to his supervisor, then you should approach him in confidence and tell him what is happening.
If he responds in an unsupportive manner then you should speak to someone higher as Arturo says.
I have seen confidentiality broken in many places due to the management style, poor processes, and misunderstanding of what confidentiality means in practise. E.g. not having it typed up by an administrator, not leaving it on the administrators desk in an open environment for everyone to read, talking about it to someone else.
I would trust that a senior manager would take this seriously and ensure training is put in place where necessary.

No Confidentiality
Musonda Ernest Kabwe, Member
Some people are in positions without the heart of job itself. I think you should just approach your boss in a right manner and express how you feel about the whole issue and complain. I am sure your boss will be in position to tell the source of rumors or from the response you will be able to tell why the boss did that.
If this fails then move a step further to senior personnel.

Appraisal Confidentially
Arif ur Rehman, Member
Your boss maybe (perhaps) a victim of political manipulations. Maybe the environment is structurally non-supportive of his (the company's needs) and as a result you experience the 'trouble.'
Genuinely, he could be the best guy around - so get to him, when he is in a pleasant mood, approach him, exchange a few pleasantries, then come to the subject in a light-hearted, friendly manner.
You might, hopefully, discover in him a new person, a real team-mate!


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