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Vasiliy Smetanin, CEO, Dominican Republic
The 80/20 Rule for Managers
To organize their working process well, and to complete tasks effectively, managers use a big variety of resources including finances, social and time resources. Obviously the environment is never perfect, and your success depends on your ability to rationalize the way of using the funds available. One important thing you should understand: being busy doesn't always lead you to your aim, the result you get depends on the QUALITY of the things you do, NOT on their AMOUNT. The way you plan your work and the tasks you include into your to-do-list can make a big difference. WHAT IS THE PARETO PRINCIPLE? Probably you have already heard about the law of imbalance or the 80/20 rule. Also called: the law of the vital few, or the principle of factor sparsity. All the names refer to the . - It was discovered in the 19th century by an Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto. Studying the distribution of wealth in England he found out that a few families (20% of the population) owned the ma (...) Read more? Sign up for free

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  Charles Palmer, Consultant, South Africa

Pareto Unleashed in Maintenance

I found mid way through my career that this princi (...)

  akosua hodey, Manager, Ghana

Pareto Principle in Telecom

In the telecom sector where I work we have found t (...)

  Andy Radka, Director, United Kingdom

Pareto Principle as Tipping Leadership

Great principle - I have used it as 'Tipping Leade (...)

  MdL Mario TERRALAVORO, Interim Manager, Italy

Pareto Principle for Managers

The Pareto Law or 80/20 is well known. It's a very (...)

  R.S. MATHUR, Teacher, India

80/20 Rule for Managers

As a busy manager saddled with a myriad of problem (...)

  Oluwaseyi Solomon, Partner, Singapore

Pareto Principle and Productivity

Actually, this is clearly understood in the line o (...)

  Rahma, Student (MBA)

Pareto Principle is Setting and Working on Priorities

Knowing your priorities and working on them defini (...)

  Rudolf Burkhard, Management Consultant, Germany

Should Managers Focus on 80:20 or on 99:1?

The 80:20 rule applies when working with INDEPENDE (...)

  Bruno Perboni, Consultant, Italy

The 80% is Usually not Appreciated by the Customer!

We have to consider another interesting point: if (...)

  Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa

80:20 Interdependence

Have you not found that unless you complete the 80 (...)

  Kurt Ludikovsky, Consultant, Austria

Interesting and Inspiring Discussion

What I 'feel' from the replies, is that the princi (...)

  Nihad Almahrooq, Consultant, Saudi Arabia

Pareto Principle 20/80 in Telecom Procurement

I applied this founding principle on procuring tel (...)

  ALLAIN, Entrepreneur, France

Management is 100%!

Management is a behavior of 100% as leadership is (...)

  Vasiliy Smetanin, CEO, Dominican Republic

Tripping Leadership

@: Andy, Thank you. Could you explain what is Trip (...)

  Margaret Au, Interim Manager, Hong Kong

Pareto Principle Defines your Success as a Manager

One might say that The capability of defines whet (...)

  Abderrahman ARAFAN, Consultant, Morocco

Pareto Principle in Mining Industry

Thanks a lot for giving me another reason to think (...)

  john masavi, Accountant

I Use Pareto for Communication and Stock Control

I have used the Pareto concept in communication an (...)

  harminder mohan, HR Consultant, India

80/20 Rules for Managers

I have experienced this rule in many areas whether (...)

  unwana ukwak, Student (University), United Kingdom

80/20 Rule - The Law of Imbalance

The law of imbalance can be an efficient tool in m (...)

  K.Narayana Moorthy, HR Consultant, India

80/20 Thinking for Managers

The 80/20 Pareto Principle asserts that there is a (...)

  Nangolison Benego, Accountant, Uganda

80/20 Customers Rule for Managers

The Pareto principle of customer analysis is commo (...)

  Monika Ecimovic, HR Consultant, Croatia

80/20 the Paradoxical Theory of Change

There has to be an awareness within the system tha (...)

  Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands

The Paradoxical Theory of Change

@: Thanks, Could you please explain a bit more wha (...)

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