How to Estimate Loss of Intellectual Property in Case of Outsourcing

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How to Estimate Loss of Intellectual Property in Case of Outsourcing
Gerrit Kubassa
I am working on the analysis of a product which is already being produced... Completely in-house in our company. My task is to draw a model in which effects of outsourcing are visible. I would like to know the effect on IP (intellectual property) as well as cost advantages/disadvantages. The problem is that I do not know any FSC from our contract manufacturers as well as the fixed costs to be allocated to our product. The volume we are going to produce is unclear as well...
How to approach?
Thanks in advance for any feedback/hint/idea.

How to Estimate Loss of Intellectual Property in Outsourcing
Andreas Fischbacher, Partner, Switzerland, Member
Hi Gerritt, you asking for ideas on how to approach this problem of drawing a model on the effects of loss of IP of outsourcing over cost per unit.Sign up

How to Make a Decision as to Whether or not to Outsource
Manny Fernandez, JR, Consultant, United States, Member
There are several reasons why someone would consider a make or buy situation. I think it is important to first determine why you are even contempla...Sign up

Outsourcing Costs for Computer Programming
Bob Strasser, Canada, Member
The model that can work is a divided outsourcing model where parts of the outsourced program are sent to different code writing companies.
...Sign up

Take a Step Back and Establish Why and what to Outsource
tan liong choon, Management Consultant, Singapore, Member
Intellectual Property control is a matter of law and various legal terms can be established in the outsourcing contract.
The first question I wou...Sign up

How to Estimate Loss of Intelectuall Property in Case of Outsourcung
adrian hidalgo, Manager, Ecuador, Member
Overall in Latin America everything seems everything can be copied, especially brands and ideas. It is difficult to avoid such copying unless you have...Sign up

Loss of Intellectual Property in Case of Outsourcing Activity
Y Srinivas rao, Manager, India, Member
There are other issues like spin off benefits or ingenuity / reverse engineering capability of outsourcee. It is always good to only outsource routine...Sign up

Losses of Intellectual Property in case of Outsourcing
Georg Metz
We have developed a concept and software to estimate such effects via a cash flow analysis.
Please contact me for more information....Sign up

Intellectual Property Value, Outsourcing
Shipperbottom, CEO, United Kingdom, Member
The answer depends on many more factors the you have provided, Gerrit!
By way of extreme illustrative example, the answer will be different if yo...Sign up

How to Protect Intellectual Property in Case of Outsourcing
Norm Nopper, Managing Director/Consultant, Canada, Member
I'll state the obvious: the worst case is that you lose control of your intellectual property, severely undermining or even killing your business beca...Sign up

IP Estimation / Valuation
Harry Whitney
I think Tan and Norm have outlined the issues very adequately. The only other issue involving valuation is to add in the declining value of intelle...Sign up

Loss of Intellectual Property at Outsourcing
William Mullins, Management Consultant, United States, Member
If intellectual property is really important to your business, not just one product, then it's what you are developing today for use tomorrow that nee...Sign up

Valid Measurement Tools for Intellectual Property
Dr zahra gheidar, Consultant, Iran, Member
You spoke about somethings such as, model, effect, visible outsources, intellectual property that all will find measurement's capacity if we find meas...Sign up

Loss of Intellectual Property in Outsourcing: a Lesson from the Roman Empire
Prakob Chaibuntan, Teacher, Thailand, Member
Tan and Norm are right for large avenue to success but before your avenue (outsourcing) is designed, there are lots of curiosities to consider...
...Sign up

How to Estimate Loss of Intellectual Property in Case of Outsourcing?
Ramesh Chander Khanna, Manager, Member
Whether to continue making inhouse or outsource is a very complex decision; risks will be there.
We should not outsource a product or component i...Sign up

Outsourcing: Focus on Possible Disadvantages
Anand H, Member
The very concept of outsourcing indicates a set of time tested advantages for organizations which probably have been modelled, measured and validated ...Sign up

Calculating Intellectual Property
amneh masswadi , Financial Consultant, Jordan, Member
Hi Mr. Kubassa: for calculating intellectual property you need the application of this equation.
Intellectual property = Total Assets - Total Li...Sign up

Calculating Intellectual Property
Leodegardo M. Pruna, Professor, Philippines, Member
Determine how much a product cost by adding all costs from conceptualization to commercialization. This should give you an idea on how much the intell...Sign up

How You Can Estimate Loss of Intellectual Property in Cost
amneh masswadi , Financial Consultant, Jordan, Member
Dear Gerrit I hope amortization can solve your problem.
Intangible assets give the owner a right or a...Sign up

Long Term Investment or Short Term Gain on Transaction
Dilip Khanal, CEO, Nepal, Member
It all depends upon how IP is valued. Outsourcing may reduce tangible and visible cost, but in house knowledge creates IP value that organization can ...Sign up

Protecting Intellectual Property (in Outsourcing)
Bob Strasser, Canada, Member
The first persons that will steal a company's IP are its employees, internal or external.
IP is impossible to protect, even with non-compete agre...Sign up

In my Country we Have These Problems...
Postolov, Professor, Macedonia, Member
We have a big problem to secure intellectual property in the case of outsourcing. My opinion is that it depends of some factors as organizational cult...Sign up

International Accounting Standards 38 and 32
Hyder Ibrahim Mohammed, Director, Sudan, Member
Dear Kubassa, I suggest to get the complete picture take a look at International Accounting Standards 38 and 32. Hope you find what you need....Sign up

How to Estimate Loss of Intellectual Property in case of Outsourcing
Julius Caesar Ssemyalo, Project Manager, Uganda, Member
I conclude that first your model has to identify the core IP/tasks to retain and the mundane ones to let go/outsource, considering Tan and Norm's subm...Sign up

Intangible Values are Hard to Measure, Often Cannot Be Measured with Accuracy
Anwer M. Baig, Manager, Pakistan, Member
If intellectual properties are considered intangible assets like "goodwill" its evaluation may only b...Sign up

Still There and what are we Talking About
Kurt Ludikovsky, Consultant, Austria, Member
@Geritt: are you still there. Now answer to any of the questions!
@All: what are we talking here about. Maybe I miss something from the conversat...Sign up

How to Calculate Loss of Intellectual Property
Lanuzo, Professor, Philippines, Member
You could approach it from the basic straight line or declining balance computation with the time-frame of the patent or exclusion of others from expl...Sign up

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