When to Outsource Innovation?

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Cornelius Streit
Manager, Singapore

When to Outsource Innovation?

According to Michael A. Stanko, Jonathan D. Bohlmann and Roger J. Calantone in the article “Outsourcing Innovation” (Executive Adviser, November 2009), outsourcing research and development and the creation of new products can help companies to slash costs, speed development time and tap into talent outside the company. Based on an analysis of 359 companies, following four situations call for outsourcing innovation:
1. When companies would need to add lots of new knowledge to innovate.
2. When intellectual property is not well protected in the industry and new ideas can spread quickly from company to company to limit spending.
3. When companies have had lots of experience with outsourcing, as they are able to better manage the situation to produce effective results.
4. In the early stages of a project, when there are lots of technical hurdles to be overcome and the outcome is far from certain.


Abhishek Tiwari
F&A Professional, India

When to Avoid Outsourcing of Innovation

Though sometimes be the best option, outsourcing may not be the best choice for innovation: A. If a... Sign up

Harpreet Singh
Student (MBA), India

When to Outsource Innovation

Outsourcing is excellent idea, specially in environment where competition is very high, it helps in ... Sign up

Arturo Granados
Partner, Peru

Collaboration better than Outsourcing Innovation

Outsourcing is perfect for a company that produce commodities, like mining. Because companies in the... Sign up

David Matthews, United Kingdom

Outsourcing Innovation is a Bad Idea

Daft idea, if you don’t do any internal innovation specifically R&D then you lose absorptive capacit... Sign up

Darren Harrop, United Kingdom

When to Outsource Innovation

Many organisations do not have the in-house skills to deliver an entire innovation project. On that ... Sign up

Elena Palkina
Manager, Russian Federation

When to Outsource Innovation

To my opinion, inno-outsourcing is suitable for the big companies. Any way, this process should be h... Sign up

Consultant, France

Outsourcing Must Be Monitored

Outsourcing innovation is a key for product development, and so for business development. Neverthele... Sign up

Consultant, India

Selective Outsourcing Innovation

True outsourcing innovation reduces cost of innovation but also minimises the flexibility of the ext... Sign up

Ceferino Dulay, Jr.

Outsourcing R&D: Hard to Find Know-How

On the surface, outsourcing R&D and product development may seem cost-effective but there are many o... Sign up

Allemeersch Johan, Belgium

Insourcing of Innovation

I would prefer to use insourcing of innovation, where I don't have own resources. Why should you out... Sign up

Elena Palkina
Manager, Russian Federation

Outsourcing R&D

I'd like to point out that investments in innovation (R&D) can be extensive nevertheless they not al... Sign up

Svein Ulset, Norway

Outsourcing Innovation

Many oil companies regularly outsource innovations (new technology). These are developed in joint R&... Sign up

Simon Gray
Manager, Switzerland

Outsourcing R&D is Needed

Due to increasing complexity it is close to impossible for any single organisation to maintain speci... Sign up

Business Consultant, United Kingdom

Outsourcing Innovation and Transformation

Innovation can be of three types: 1. Innovation in values, ex- marketing, advertising 2. Innovati... Sign up

L. Harnamsing

Outsourcing Innovation Minimizes Cost but Hampers Morale

Outsourcing is good for organisations when it comes to maximising profits or minimising cost because... Sign up

hamid mohamed ahmed
Accountant, Sudan

Outsourcing Innovation

Most organizations are operating in a very competitive environment and to stay alive through the dan... Sign up

desu rama mohan
Professor, India

Outsourcing of Human Resource

The concern should be getting enough intellect who are committed to sustainable growth of an organiz... Sign up


Outsourcing of Innovation is Outsourcing your Core Business

To outsource can have advantages and disadvantages. To outsource a service which you can undertake y... Sign up


Outsourcing Situations

Three situations when outsourcing should be done: - When internal resources are dry. - When ther... Sign up

Natasha Shamlou
Student (MBA), Iran

Outsourcing Has Become Easier and Cheaper

According to Jeffrey Phillips Raleigh in June,10.2010: over the last 20 years or so, as global barri... Sign up

Alonso Acosta
Manager, Mexico

Outsourcing Innovation? NO -- Co-Sharing: YES

Innovation is too critical a competitive advantage to be fully delegated to a third part, co-sharing... Sign up

Norm Nopper
Managing Director/Consultant, Canada

Outsourcing Innovation... Can you outsource learning?

Cornelius, I’d never seen the phrase “outsource innovation” until your post. It struck me as strange... Sign up


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