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Why Apply Organizational Learning in Organizations?
sujan, Lecturer, Member
Organizational learning is a social process, involving interactions among many individuals leading to well-informed decision making.
An organization must learn so that it can adapt to a changing environment.
Historically, the life-cycle of organizations typically spanned stable environments between major socio-economic changes.
More recently this changed and many Fortune 500 companies of two decades ago no longer exist.
Given the ever-accelerating rate of global-scale change, learning and adaptation become more critical for the organization's relevance, success and ultimately survival.

That's why it's so important that creating, adapting and sharing ideas must all be rewarded.
This processes of knowledge or skill sharing must supersede the control processes with respect to employees, empowering th...Sign up

Align Organizational Learning with Competences
Ceferino Dulay, Jr., Philippines, Member
Organizational learning and development needs to be aligned with organizational direction to maximize its benefits, not only to the organization but a...Sign up

Organizational Agility and Organizational Learning are both Core Competences
Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
Thanks Sujan for starting this important topic.
No doubt organizations need to become more flexible/agile. There are at least 3 forms of Sign up

The Value of Organisational Learning
Thabo Johnson, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
Organisational Learning adds value when guided by the external and internal situational characteristics of the organisation.
Pearce and Robinson ...Sign up

Value from Organizational Learning Approaches
francisslobo, Professor, India, Member
While I agree to all, for any approach towards organizational learning it's clear that nothing can happen without the support of the management.
...Sign up

Organizational Learning and Learning Organizations are Crucial but are Hard to Create
Organisational learning develops learning organizations. And learning organizations normally evolve strategically and improve step by step to become b...Sign up

Organisational Learning (OL) Must Start at the Top
Ian Graham, Consultant, United Kingdom, Member
Great topic Sujan. We all agree that there is a serious need to change management thinking towards OL. There have been many models of OL that o...Sign up

Organizational Learning Concepts
Juan Manuel Ugarte, Professor, Mexico, Member
Since approximately three decades ago, several OL concepts have been deeply studied and developed in a consistent way, including:
- The "learn...Sign up

Why and How Organizational Learning Helps the Employees and the Organization
Rajesh Sharma, Professor, Nepal, Member
OL is also a very important tool of organizational change. It helps employees learn new changes and developments in the competitive environment. The m...Sign up

Organisation Learning is Focus Area
Renee Isaacs, HR Consultant, South Africa, Member
Organisational learning in any organisation should be a focus area if it would like to stay competitive in the global village....Sign up

Learning Organizations Allow Organization to Adapt and Evolve
Stefania Di Cristofalo, Coach, Italy, Member
A Learning organization is a social system whose evolution is guaranteed by adaptive processes and self-organization policy. Managers should be...Sign up

Introduction of Organisational Learning (OL) Must Happen from a Strategic Standpoint
Lisk, Student (University), Barbados, Member
@Ian Graham: You are so correct Ian. Introduction of OL from the strategic standpoint gives any change within the or...Sign up

Organizational Learning from Mistakes
Antonio J. Garcia, Spain, Member
Totally agree with previous contributions, but would emphasize learning as a basic aspect, eliminating fear of failure. A model of learning and evolut...Sign up

Organisational Learning Breeds Collective Intelligence
Ian Graham, Consultant, United Kingdom, Member
@Stefania Di Cristofalo & Lisk: Taking a couple of very good points from Stefania's 'Collective Intelligence (CI)' a...Sign up

Organisational Learning (OL) Requires Top Management Commitment
Lisk, Student (University), Barbados, Member
@Ian Graham: Yes, you are correct that communication must be in both directions. My point was to say that if top le...Sign up

Organisational Learning Seen as Non-productive
Ian Graham, Consultant, United Kingdom, Member
@Lisk: Good point Lisk, You are obviously aware of the reluctance, whatever the reasons, of top level management to...Sign up

Bottom-up Organizational Learning is also Possible
Birmingham, Management Consultant, United States, Member
Like an organism, organizational learning can take place in small cells or larger systems. While much harder to make organizations change from the bot...Sign up

Organizational Culture and Organizational Learning are Correlated
Gandhi Heryanto, Management Consultant, Indonesia, Member
To be an organizational learning entity, the company requires a culture that enables companies in terms of strategic OL, as stated by @Sign up

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