People Think That Their Relation with the Organization is Forever

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joan van hoof
Business Consultant, Belgium

People Think That Their Relation with the Organization is Forever

The most important relation in your life is also in need of care.
I have been working in organizational change for years. The truth is simple: people in organizations think that their relation with the organization is forever and ever a tidy and nice one. We do not consider it necessary at all to put care and attention into the organization we are spending half of our days in. We care about our car, about our house and garden, about family and friends and if we are really a good person into our private relation. In this we put the other half of our time.
The discussion is if a special department should take care of the wellbeing of our organization, certainly we do not have it on our day and week planning. Unfortunately a special department (the O from P, never ever blossoming in Europe) will never be able to maintain 'the organization' for us. Lately we tried with the controllers function in a work process controlling role. But that will also fail if care and attention is not coming from us all.
So put your organization, your work approach, your efficiency to deliver added value to your customers on your weekly task planning. And convince your manager this is the subject you would like to get supervision for.


Eric Schmitz
Consultant, Belgium

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Isidro Alfaya
Accountant, Uruguay

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r k mishra
Manager, India

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Moses Nyamasoka
Strategy Consultant, Zimbabwe

People Think Their Relationship with Organisations is Forever

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Gregory Johnson
Coach, United States

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Tom Wiles, USA

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Gregory Johnson
Coach, United States

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Eddy Tukamushaba, Uganda

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Bard C. Papegaaij, Australia

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Shruti Misra
Coach, India

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Director, Zimbabwe

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Business Consultant, France

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Walter Nyakanyanga
Accountant, Zimbabwe

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Jonas Terdin, Sweden

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Darryl Lynn Jones, United States

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gadifele veronica molefe, Botswana

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Enrique Benjamin Franklin F.
Professor, Mexico

Some People Think That Their Relationships with Organizations is Forever

The assertion can take many aspects. For many Eastern people it is a fact, Western people have diffe... Sign up

K.Narayana Moorthy
HR Consultant, India

Individual Relationship with Organization

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Mardhiah Baharin
Manager, Malaysia

What's in it for Me?

This question will always be in the employee's mind when the organisation seeks for extra effort, un... Sign up

Eric Schmitz
Consultant, Belgium

No Shortcoming of 5S - Maybe of People Who Use It

@Bard C. Papegaaij : 1. Standardisation is mandatory to be able to change. First you have to determ... Sign up

Dennis van der Spoel
Management Consultant, Netherlands

To make People Care, Create a Culture of Mutual Care and Exitement

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Teacher, India

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Jonas Terdin, Sweden

Saab, a Relationship for Ever - Continued

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Paul D Giammalvo
Professor and Consultant, Indonesia

Loyalty to the Organization > Brand Me

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Naileth Pina
Student (MBA), Venezuela

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Tebboub Abdelamelk
Professor, Algeria

Taking Care of the Organization is NOT a Purpose by Itself

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Jacqueline Gargiulo
United States

Seeing the Relationship with an Organization as a Value Exchange

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CEO, Nigeria

Relationships with Organisation are Long Lasting

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John Henry
Project Manager, United States

Look at your HR department and Vision

Does your organization have a vision? Does it follow that vision? Does your vision match the one for... Sign up

Juan Hdz
Manager, Mexico

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Ian van Jaarsveld
Strategy Consultant, South Africa

Life Long Employer - Employee Relationships are Over

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Bleasdale, United Kingdom

Employer versus Employee - the Need for Secure Employment from the Employee Perspective

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Earl Schubert
CEO, United States

People Think That Their Relationship with the Organization is Forever

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Business Consultant, France

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Werner Du Plessis
Manager, South Africa

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