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How to Deal with Latecomers at Work/Meetings?
Raza Usmani, ICT Consultant, Pakistan, Member
In your opinion, what is the best way to tell a person who is consistently coming late that s/he should improve, rather than offend her/him? Why? Many thanks for your suggestions......Sign up

Be Offensive About Lateness Raza!!
John White, Business Consultant, Australia, Member
Raza - maybe it's time to offend them. This is the start of a memo I have used to publicly address the issue.
No, you are not ‘running late’ – yo...Sign up

Persistent Late Comers
mcclean, Strategy Consultant, Member
Lock the door. Occasionally being late can happen to anyone but persistent lateness is simply disrespectful....Sign up

Punctuality at Meetings
Simon Lum, Consultant, Australia, Member
Raza, be consistent about punctuality, be it a social or business event. I talk about how much the tardy manager has wasted in terms of cost to the co...Sign up

Reward Those on Time
Edgardo Etac, Director, Philippines, Premium Member
Give some form of reward to those that come on time. Consider their attendance in the performance measurement through merit and demerit system....Sign up

What is the Best Way to Tell a Person Who is Consistently Coming Late
Nayeemuddin, Project Manager, India, Member
Raza, if none of the above works. Two options:
- Set a ground rule that anyone late to meetings should perform some embarrassing task/activity.Sign up

How to Deal with Lateness
Evanson Mwangi, Manager, Kenya, Member
In my view, being late once is not a big problem. Being a perpetual late comer is the concern. It shows a lack of discipline and an unethical profess...Sign up

Being Late Costs
Pierre Paul Mangion, Student (MBA), Member
Charge 5c per 15 mins of being late. The money is donated to a charitable institution at the end of the year. Staff hate to hand over money and will m...Sign up

Lateness at Meetings is also Cultural
Douglas Zvomuya
Add up the minutes they are late over a period, and it can be quite substantial, and knock it off their pay. Sometimes lateness at meetings has to do ...Sign up

Bingo! You Donate our Weekend Party $1 for Each Minute you're Late
HO THI THU HANG, Consultant, Viet Nam, Member
Our companies used to have a cash fine: in case someone's late without reason, s/he will be fined VND1,000 per each late minute.
We came to this ...Sign up

Consistent Lateness is an Indicator of a Bigger Problem
Timothy A Dahlman, Strategy Consultant, Member
I am in a different camp than the others. Transactional leadership strategies, like the ones previously advised serve very little purpose outside of t...Sign up

Investigate the Reasons for Consistent Lateness
Joyce Mutinda, Manager, Kenya, Member
If many people are consistently late for meetings, it could be they are passing a message that the meetings are not necessary! Or they do not subscrib...Sign up

Set Penalties/Fines for Late Coming
Paul Michael Waigolo, ICT Consultant, Uganda, Member
It is not 'OK' for someone to consistently come late for meetings. You need to set penalties or fines for people who come late for meetings....Sign up

The Solution to a Person Who is Always Late for the Meeting
Shumba, Student (Other), Zimbabwe, Member
If the meetings are open for discussion give the person a task to lead the meeting. And if possible let him suggest what should be done to those who d...Sign up

Discipline Without Punishment Process (Dick Grote)
Tarun Chaturvedi, Teacher, India, Member
I suggest to consider Dick Grote's 'Discipline without Punishment process'. It involves 4 steps:
1. Discussion and counselling: there could be so...Sign up

How to Deal with Latecomers at Work/Meetings?
Ian Hardy, Manager, United Kingdom, Member
Raza, consider to have the team members draw up a meeting reference card that not only shows the purpose of the meeting, attendees, inputs and outputs...Sign up

Research Into Being Late
van de ven, Entrepreneur, Netherlands, Member
A heap of research has been done into this subject. The results are very clear.
- The last thing to do is tell people in advance that being...Sign up

Try Leaving Them Out
JACQUELIN, Coach, France, Member
@Timothy A Dahlman: Putting someone's habitual lateness down to a bigger systemic problem seems rather implausible...Sign up

Lock the Door and Keep Latecomers Out
Zahari Mohamed, Consultant, Malaysia, Member
For latecomers, especially the habitual ones, they will find themselves locked out from the meeting until the meeting takes a break, or until the end....Sign up

Lock Them Out, They Get the Message
Thornton Joubert, Entrepreneur, United Kingdom, Member
My philosophy is that if you cannot respect my time as your manager then find out through your colleagues. You only need to do it once. People get the...Sign up

Fine for Arriving Late to Meetings
C.C.Simon, Director, India, Member
At periodical sales review meetings we have a simple system of charging a fine from late comers:
- Medical Representatives at say Rs. 2 a minute ...Sign up

Lateness is not an Isolated Issue, It's Related to Poor Meeting Management
Rick Forehand, Manager, United States, Member
In many companies, the problem is overall poor meeting management. Many times, the reason people are late to a meeting is because their previous meeti...Sign up

Trend, Causes and Style
Zacharia Marimo, HR Consultant, Zimbabwe, Member
It is important to access the TREND of lateness and work on the underlying CAUSES of the persistence.
Otherwise deciding by mere fact of lateness...Sign up

Engage Latecomers Directly
Lesego M, Management Consultant, South Africa, Member
Raza, I think an approach that might work well is to engage habitual latecomers directly. There may be underlying reasons why they're constantly late,...Sign up

No Excuse, Lock the Door
antonio roccaforte, Manager, Italy, Member
Dear Raza, in any occasion where we faced someone consistently being late, the best solution was, always lock the door and not open at all.
Or, m...Sign up

Being Late at the Meeting
Adrian Cosereanu, Entrepreneur, Canada, Member
Hi Raza! I think the best way is to give them the tasks that you talked about at the meeting and they will come back to you to ask some details and in...Sign up

Dealing with Late Comers For Work Meetings
K.Narayana Moorthy, HR Consultant, India, Member
Raja Usmanisab-salams,
In your position I would deal a late comer this way: I will invite him to my chamber and offer him a cup of tea. After the...Sign up

Employee Attending Too Late
Moustafa Alam, Director, Kuwait, Member
I agree with @Timothy A Dahlman, invest some time to get a deeper analysis about the reasons the person is late.Sign up

Panacea for Late Comers
Bishwajeet Kumar, Manager, India, Member
1. Consult the latecomer, a one to one discussion may solve most of the problems. Try to understand him/her.
2. Offer him or someone else to pick...Sign up

Lateness in Working Place
Gabriel Obinna, Business School Marketer, Nigeria, Member
He or she must be properly questioned to find out if he or she is really interested in the job he is working for or may be he or she is just doing it ...Sign up

Give Them the Cold Shower
Ruben Cuschieri,, CEO, Malta, Member
In my personal experience in different management roles, I have found that the best approach is to ignore the person/s. Discuss important topics in th...Sign up

Discuss the Issue and Coach Them
Kathleen Booker, CSCP, PMP, SCOR-P, Director, United States, Member
It's important to find out why the person is habitually late.
Discuss options to resolve the issues causing the lateness, explain that their role...Sign up

Locking the Door Doesn't Give Suitable Solution
Arunachalam, Student (MBA), India, Member
Assign the task tightly for 8 hrs daily, review periodically, assess and rate the employee and reward for the result made by them. Then you can see th...Sign up

Everyone Thinks Their Meeting is the Only Thing That Matters
Edward Siedlecki, Student (MBA), United States, Member
The only people I expect to be on time for a meeting are the people that I control because then I can counsel them and reflect such behavior on their ...Sign up

Lateness in Meetings is Often Caused by Company Culture
Lobbestael, Strategy Consultant, Belgium, Member
Being late at meetings is a company culture that is often being not seen in the right perspective. Not that I'm in favorite of being late, not at all ...Sign up

Reasons for Lateness to Meetings
Catherine Kennelly, Business Consultant, Canada, Member
It's always best to analyze the 'why' before bringing correction to a situation. In some cases it's not a self-discipline, respect, performance or att...Sign up

Boss Late for Meetings
n. mudungwe, Project Manager, Ethiopia, Member
I agree with you. My first day in senior management meeting after being promoted, we were 10 managers we waited for the 30 minutes for the boss. I ask...Sign up

Lateness in Meetings
Richard Gartz, Manager, Colombia, Member
Dealing with people is not about one-size-fits-all recipes, and some underlying issues are to be considered: How is being late seen socially (normal /...Sign up

A Symptom of the Organization's Culture
Linda Doty, HR Consultant, United States, Member
I cannot disagree that there are some employees who are habitually late, and for those, it is a personal issue.
However, it is important to exami...Sign up

Find Out Why and Start on Time
Andres Esguerra, Project Manager, United States, Member
First, find out why someone is always late, and see if the meeting needs to be rescheduled.
Second, start on time regardless of who is there. Eve...Sign up

What's your Relationship?
W Atkinson, Management Consultant, United Kingdom, Member
A key factor is your relationship to this person. If you are their boss then it is a simple performance discussion. However, if it is a peer then then...Sign up

Problems at Home for Being Late Habitually
Lee West, Director, United States, Member
I just recently learned from my mistake to not let an employee problem at home become your problem at work.
That is the end result when the super...Sign up

What About the Whole Message Model?
Paolo Vallarano, Teacher, Italy, Member
What about using the Whole message model to talk to the person? The steps are:
What I see (the delay), what I think and feel about what I see and...Sign up

It's Time to Get Personal
Steven Ellis, Analyst, United States, Member
@John White: I have to agree with John. Use harsher words that are more offensive but to the point. My wife had an i...Sign up

Investigate Reasons
Vernon, Manager, Member
@Joyce Mutinda: Though I am punctual, I dread the time lost in meetings. Joyce, you bring up an important point on...Sign up

Find Out Why, Define & Implement Policies
Satya Narayan, Strategy Consultant, India, Member
I observed another better way followed by one of the companies.
The company prominently displays names of people (with color codes based on delay...Sign up

Meetings and Drawbacks
jorge anibal hoyos hoyos, Manager, Colombia, Member
The right way to solve it, it is to talk about the reasons involved. It could be that such a people scores high in the accomplishment striving scales ...Sign up

Late Comers to Meetings
Don Page, Professor, Canada, Member
Point out what it is costing the organization to have others wait for the latecomers and ask them to explain this to the stakeholders when the next bu...Sign up

Don't Continue to Accept More of the Same...
Debbie Sellers, Manager, United States, Member
Always ensure a meeting starts on time rather than waiting for others as it is disrespectful to waste the time of those that did come on time. A profe...Sign up

Perpetual Tardiness is a Habit of a Sloppy Mind and an Exercise in Bad Manners
Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States, Premium Member
Punctuality is of the essence in the military for the reason that, if only for that brief moment, everybody is on the same page.
Perpetual tardin...Sign up

Lock the Doors at Start Time
T.W. Garrison III, Consultant, United States, Member
The process is simple - when the starting time for the meeting occurs - you lock the doors and no else can enter. That sends a message loud and clear....Sign up

Best Advice Yet
Sylvia Squair, Entrepreneur, Member
@Simon Lum: Definitely the best advice yet.
It takes a professional attitude to live the example we wish to see...Sign up

Tabish Razvi, Student (MBA), India, Member
Employee comes late due to few reasons.
1. They are not satisfied with their job or do not want to continue with the present job.
2. Employe...Sign up

Shaming Technique Works
KRS Raman, Professor, India, Member
Prof GH Smith - the CEO of a Varsity - used to address late comers as "Welcome to the meeting, Late Mr/Ms -----". To avoid being addressed as "Late Mr...Sign up

Re Lateness and Rewards
Kerri Hood, Project Manager, Australia, Member
@Edgardo Etac: I think rewarding people for doing their job and turning up on time is not going to impact on those t...Sign up

Treatment of Late Comers
Rajeev Bagga, India, Member
To stop this habit of latecomers and get them to reconsider their behavior, it is required to give them a hard treatment at the first stage, because, ...Sign up

Consideration of Lateness in South Africa
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
@Mcclean: From my viewpoint I wonder if the lateness is the problem or, rather, the arrogance associated with laten...Sign up

Habitual Late Comers
Sabvukutwa, Manager, Zimbabwe, Member
I believe in direct engagement. An employee can be late once, but I would still need their reasons for missing the time. If their reasons are not conv...Sign up

Act Instead of Saying
Dilip Khanal, CEO, Nepal, Member
- For latecomers on work you may use a system of bio metric attendance and relate late hours with paycheck. It has worked in many places.
- For l...Sign up

Use the Hot Stove Rule for Late Comers
K.Narayana Moorthy, HR Consultant, India, Member
All genuine corporations should use as a part of their operations McGregor's Hot Stove RuleSign up

We Need Motivation
Ashtari, Manager, Iran, Member
I do believe, we should set up penalties for such these employees. Otherwise the other people can do the same.
But finding the reason also is imp...Sign up

How to Deal with Latecomers
reem hoseh, HR Consultant, Jordan, Member
Deal with early comers by giving them incentives for being early such as thanking the early coming in front of all the attendances. Besides that, star...Sign up

How to Deal with Latecomers
Jean Francois Sonson, CEO, Saint Lucia, Member
I agree with the views expressed, but would like to add that there apparently is also a cultural and environmental dimension to lateness:
- Some ...Sign up

Considerations when Dealing with a Latecomer
Belay Gezahegn, Director, Ethiopia, Member
Three things to consider before penalizing an employee for being not punctual in arriving at work. It all depends on the work environment.
1. Is ...Sign up

It's about the Consequences OF and FOR Late Comers
James Mabon, Student (University), Papua New Guinea, Member
Late comers are a hindrance to an organisation to a firm. They do delay a lot. If someone has been late for quite a number of time it is the manager o...Sign up

How to Manage Employees Coming Late: Ask Why
ANANDA, HR Consultant, India, Member
Next time, just ask the person Why he is coming late? The message should reach the concerned person. The next day onwards he will be punctual....Sign up

What to Do About Persons Arriving Late for Meetings
Alan Dawson, Director, United Kingdom, Member
@Mcclean: Circulate the expectation for timely arrival in the notice of meeting/agenda. Lock the door five minutes b...Sign up

Managing Attendance is a Manager's Job; Not HR
mohd.hanifah, HR Consultant, Malaysia, Member
Regular and punctual attendance of events involving other people is a crucial requirement for any workplace, not to mention, in private life too.
...Sign up

Who Would I Have Needed to Be?
Kevin Green, Coach, United Kingdom, Member
Ask the latecomers: Who would I have needed to be for you to be on time? I.e., if the meeting was being hosted by the MD, CEO or whoever you'd have be...Sign up

Punishment Because of Late
Arbab, Student (MBA), Sudan, Member
Absence without a proper reason should be punished; calculate the late hours and deduct them from the salary by the end of the month.
But before ...Sign up

Being Late While Still Performing Well/Exceptional
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
@Belay Gezahegn: While the performance of a habitually late member may be exceptional, their lateness still imping...Sign up

Reasons for Constantly Showing Up Late
Jonathan Ailen, HR Consultant, Nigeria, Member
Maybe you need to find out the reason for this perpetual lateness and tackle it from its root. It maybe a personal/family issue which can have a negat...Sign up

The Manager-less Company
F.H.J. Janssen, Consultant, Netherlands, Member
It's far out of date and beyond modern time. Why is there a time to be present? It's all control and managing. Give people self responsibility and ask...Sign up

Put the Person in Charge of Increasing Discipline
Sri Sudha.Pulimi, Coach, India, Member
Try to put the employee in charge of reporting and managing who is coming late to the organization. And motivate him in a way that he/ she is going to...Sign up

Consistently Coming Late at Meetings
Stoepker, ICT Consultant, Netherlands, Member
Raza, I was confronted with a regular weekly meeting as a Service Manager that too many times parties did not turn up, with and without notification o...Sign up

Latecomers to Meeting / Work
Belay Gezahegn, Director, Ethiopia, Member
@Andrew Blaine: I agree with you. Those latecomers to a meeting without good excuse are inexcusable; especia...Sign up

Motivation for Timely Arrival
Dilip Khanal, CEO, Nepal, Member
If we can create a home environment in the office, probably the problem might not arise as described in Microsoft's management. But, this might not be...Sign up

Latecomers to Meetings
Nadeem Tufail Butt, Manager, Canada, Member
Raza, I would suggest that you go to them and ask them if they have problem with coming in time and talk to them freely in private. Maybe there are ge...Sign up

Meeting Latecomers: Try the Road to Excellence
Brian Mitchell, Partner, United States, Member
Your compassion regarding humiliating people is admirable and appears very thoughtful. While being thoughtful why not develop together a "R...Sign up

Late Comers: Perspective & Possible Solutions..
Sujatha Suresh, Consultant, India, Member
From Coach & Psychometric Score Interpreter pov; prime input is that an external Consultant be involved. This avoids the bias of Co-workers being Judg...Sign up

Positive Quality Turned Negative
Elaine Ruggiero, student, United States, Member
@Mcclean: It has been said the positive character quality of flexibility becomes a negative character quality in the...Sign up

Late Coming, a Sign of Indiscipline
OSHUN, GRACE OKAIMA , Lecturer, Nigeria, Member
Personally, I consider late-coming a sign of indiscipline. With technology, there is no reason why anyone should keep others waiting when he/she can e...Sign up

What if it is the Boss?
Adrian Horodniceanu, CEO, Israel, Member
I had a case when the consistently late person was the meeting organizer who was also the boss of everyone in the room. His secretary took care to ann...Sign up

Common Courtesy
Bill Boynton, Teacher, United States, Member
I have a little trouble with the question because I believe no one can be consistently late and assume that that is acceptable behavior, so I don't un...Sign up

Allowing Constant Late Coming
Majola, South Africa, Member
It is also similar to the situation of allowing debtors to consistently pay their bills (too) late.
I am not condoning late coming, but research ...Sign up

It is Better to First Find Out the Reason
A Y SIRDIC, Manager, Ghana, Member
For first timers, you should find out the reason for the lateness. From then the situation can be dealt with.
Habitual late comers should be sanc...Sign up

Key Persons are Uncontrolled
Adrian Horodniceanu, CEO, Israel, Member
I am finding there are persons who are "always busy ", like DBA's, System Experts, Security Experts and similar. Many times they are key persons to th...Sign up

Are Key Persons' Time Uncontrolled?
Simon Lum, Consultant, Australia, Member
@Adrian Horodniceanu: It is a myth that key persons' time is uncontrolled. A key person is disciplined and their ti...Sign up

Consequences of Boss Coming Late To a Meeting
K.Narayana Moorthy, HR Consultant, India, Member
@Adrian Horodniceanu: Any boss is a role model with three classics: Punctuality, Tidiness and Expertise.
In ou...Sign up

Punctuality at Meetings
Simon Lum, Consultant, Australia, Member
@Adrian Horodniceanu: Hi Adrian, I'd raise a motion in the meeting for everyone to be punctual and explain the cost...Sign up

They Always Have a Good Reason
Adrian Horodniceanu, CEO, Israel, Member
@Simon Lum: The problem with key person is that they always have a good reason to come late: an emergency situation...Sign up

Being Key Person Only Means More Responsibilities Than Rights
jorge anibal hoyos hoyos, Manager, Colombia, Member
Really the time of key persons is controlled by their own responsibilities for themselves, which implies their involvement in compromises with others ...Sign up

How to Deal with the Late Comers
Raza Usmani, ICT Consultant, Pakistan, Member
Thanks to everyone for your guidance and suggestions. It will definitely help me in improve the dealing with late comers. Your suggestions are worthwh...Sign up

Dealng with Late Comers
K.Narayana Moorthy, HR Consultant, India, Member
Mr. Raza Usmani, Salams.
It is good you give your positive response to all member of the community of 12manage, which have suggested a wide vari...Sign up

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