Measuring Organizational Commitment

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Measuring Organizational Commitment
arvella m. albay
How to measure the employees commitment on their job?

How to Measure Employees Commitment
Arnold Collado, Member
To measure employee commitment is plain and simple. If you measure their performance objectively, the result reveals the degree of their commitment.
Don't ever attempt to measure employees performance with a subjectively structured questionnaire or checklist. Measure their performance.

Measuring Employee Commitment
Jaap de Jonge, Editor
Thanks Arnold. Indeed we can measure the performance of employees. One problem with this approach is that you don't measure the motivation that was at the basis of this performance (or was lacking).
For example, it might be that a fair or even good performance was achieved despite of a very low morale/commitment!
It could be important to know this. To mention just one thing, obviously in the case mentioned above, performance degradation can be expected in the future.
So is there a way that we could measure organizational commitment more directly?

On Measuring Employee Commitment
Arnold Collado, Member
@Jaap de Jonge (Editor): I do agree with your statement that maybe we can measure separately performance and motivation as a measure of organizational commitment.
But then I would say an employee who is self-motivated tends to perform better than he who is not. This kind of motivation is not dependent from an outside factor, but a self-inflicted value. If we have to equate performance with motivation then high motivation equals high performance. As such high performance equals high commitment. He who is not motivated indicates low commitment or rather no commitment.
Still performance will be the ultimate measure of commitment and motivation is a factor that affects performance. In short I would say motivation = performance = commitment.

How do You Measure Commitment of Employees?
Richard M Halliburton, Member
@Arnold Collado: When the hard working productive employee leaves the company for a "better opportunity" what then? Very little of the human experience is ever so cut and dry; read:
Kumar, V., & Pansari, A. (2015, Summer). Measuring the benefits of employee engagement. MIT Sloan Management Review, 56(4), 67-72.

Mencl, J., & Lester, S. (2014, April 16). More alike than different what the generations value and how the values affect employee workplace perceptions. Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, 21(3), 257-272. doi:10.1177/154801814529825

Their research has much to say about measuring commitment. Self-motivation is no easy mark of a committed soul, neither is personal dedication to do a "good job" or accomplish a task despite challenges. Employee Commitment is measured on many levels. One may perform well and yet leave the job if not satisfied; one may perform mediocre work and never leave; which one is committed. Neither? The one who stays? Perhaps Both! How then does one determine or define commitment? Determining employee commitment follows a multivariate approach that includes employee satisfaction, perception, engagement, and loyalty to name a few important ones. Measuring these is not simply done by observation. Assessments, reviews, interactions, inquiries on many levels are necessary; or one might simply ask, but then that would mean survey. Trust is another form or level of employee commitment. If trust is present in the "committed" employee and with the employee, why not a survey? At least the trusted one's may tell the truth about what motivates them to remain on the job. Commitment to family or outside sources, dependent on a paycheck, does not a committed employee make.


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