What is an Agile Mindset? Attributes of Personal Agility

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Prof. Arup Barman
Professor, India

What is an Agile Mindset? Attributes of Personal Agility

Lately we read a lot about organizational agility. To make organizations agile, we need agile people. An agile mind-set accepts everything as lessons, adjusts actions according to feedback or requirement (i.e. adaptiveness), proceeds toward desired outcomes, and works for continuous improvement.
A person or individual with an agile mind attacks his work with a positive attitude, provides and receives suggestions to overcome obstacles. People with an agile mindset believe that "there is no failure, failure is only feedback".
Here are 5 common attributes of individuals with an agile mindset:
    1. They believe "there are challenges everywhere".
    2. They understand people are only human and make mistakes.
    3. Everything and everyday can not be perfect and can't go well.
    4. They never give up, even when facing a failure.
    1. They never think "I am doing my best", but perceive there still is plenty room for improvement.
    2. They have an inquisitive mind and like to study more to get more knowledge.
    3. They adapt easily, use experience-based techniques, and make use of exploratory testing.
    4. They ask five "Ws”: Who, What, When, Where, and Why is this relevant to their work.
    1. They share knowledge.
    2. They aim to lessen key person dependencies while at work.
    3. They have a common understanding of the goals to achieve and the resources needed to achieve these goals.
    4. As a team member they are always ready to move from their comfort zone.
    1. They always consider analyzing feedback useful.
    2. They try to spot where there are still defects or issues.
    3. They identify the real constraint(s).
    1. They learn from failures.
    2. They diagnose the causes of failures.
    3. They never hide failures.
⇒ Do you agree these are the main traits of agile persons? Or am I missing one?


Teacher, Kenya

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Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

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