6 Principles to Create an Adaptive Organization (Reeves)

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6 Principles to Create an Adaptive Organization (Reeves)
Eugene James, Manager, Switzerland, Premium Member
According to Reeves, Lewin and Ueda, companies - similar to living organisms - are "COMPLEX ADAPTIVE SYSTEMS". They evolve in a complex manner, wherein individuals contribute towards shaping and altering the system. In turn, the system leads individual entities to be adaptive to changes, which in fact is the only way to survive.
Accordingly, leaders must manage the complex process of change, in view of guaranteeing the survival of the firm and the development of staff.
The authors draw up a range of six principles that can assist leaders in managing complexity:
  1. BOLSTER (~SUPPORT) DIVERSITY: Ensure that the company gathers a strong mix of "people, ideas & endeavors". Recruit staff from different backgrounds. Encourage the staff to experiment new ideas.<...Sign up

Benefits of Principles of Adaptive Organizations
Dr. Anil Kumar Singh, Lecturer, India, Member
These principles are really important to create a supportive internal environment. On top of that, they are also helpful in strategic human resource ...Sign up

Comments on 4 Principles, a 7th?
Haiblet, Consultant, France, Member
1. Diversity OK for the competences & styles; crossed competences/experience to be promoted (a Lean solution). INITIATIVE would be a very ...Sign up

Compartmentalizing Adaptive Organizations
Alexey Timoshek, Russian Federation, Member
The "Compartmentalize" point makes a lot of sense, from my point of view. Each BU becomes a "company" with its own P&L, fully responsible for the busi...Sign up

Organization Principles to Manage Complexity
Agnes Kamau, Analyst, Kenya, Member
I totally agree and support all the six principles because with diversity you get different ideas and feelings, with compartimentalization, there is i...Sign up

Dialogue for Understanding for Adaptive Organizations
Bill Boynton, Teacher, United States, Member
There is another principle that would also add significant opportunity for any organization adapting and/or addressing change activities.
That pr...Sign up

5 Values for Organizational Adaptability
srinivas, Lecturer, India, Member
  1. COURAGE: Enabling people to take decisions in the event of change by taking different view points into consideration and then arriving at a...Sign up

The Main Principal to Establish an Adaptive Organization
Hussain Abdulla, Manager, Bahrain, Member
I think the SUPPORT FROM LEADERS is the main principle to achieve the goals of an adaptive organization. The main issue in the Arabic management style...Sign up

Duplication Leads to more Complexity
ld wilson, Consultant, United States, Member
Building duplication does not decrease complexity; it increases it. It does minimize risk, but not complexity....Sign up

Duplication Can Increase Adaptability of an Organization
Jaap de Jonge, CEO, Netherlands, Editor
@Ld wilson: Good point. Note however that Reeves c.s. do not focus on decreasing complexity, but on increasing adapt...Sign up

At what Cost??????
ld wilson, Consultant, United States, Member
@Jaap de Jonge (Editor): Redundancy is expensive and managing additional systems takes time and effort thereby creat...Sign up

The Need to Limit Organizational Duplication
Jaap de Jonge, CEO, Netherlands, Editor
@Ld wilson: I agree there are costs involved with organizational duplication and also it makes the organization more...Sign up

Strategies to Employ in Order to Become an Adaptive Organization
Ger de Waard, Management Consultant, Netherlands, Premium Member
I was intriged by the chameleon picture, but I now understand that a chameleon like organization must be able to keep up with rapid changes in its env...Sign up

Problems with Compartmentalizing
Hello Eugene, just like the @problem or disadvantage of Duplication: (increase of cost and complexity) there is a s...Sign up

Entrepreneurial Environment
Greg Johnson, Coach, United States, Premium Member
I agree with Mr. de Jonge and Mr. de Waard to the extent of creating the mindset of an entrepreneur in creating a progressive environment versus a con...Sign up


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