The Future Proof Organization

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The Future Proof Organization
Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan, Member
An idea that has fascinates me is to make the concept of future proof organizations tangible.
A future proof organization results from an assortment of individuals who see themselves as future proof – which is evidenced the moment they become the ‘big boss,’ the CEO or COO of the personal lives and commitments. For them change is a stepping stone to SCOPE – my mnemonic – which I have talked of earlier on 12manage.
Such organizations must be crystal clear about:
• Identifying true corporate values
• Providing total freedom for creative expression of human capital
• supporting structured, yet transparent, communications to all, generally preemptively
• Helping managers to transform their mindsets, and look at themselves as leaders
• Tutoring human resource to accept change as a forerunner to all advancement

The Future Proof Organisation
An organization is the systematic planning of jobs in relation to one another in a decision system to create a living social organism empowered to react to relevant operational circumstances.
The organization chart must be the graphical presentation of this operational requirement.

Future Proof Organization
Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan, Member
Yes, Mr. Groeneveldt, you rightly put it that '... to create a living social organism... "and to relate to operational circumstances".
This needs to be done preemptively in which the core emphasis is on people's needs, expressions and weighing them entirely on equity and merit considerations. Economic considerations / profitability take a second place in the scheme of things.

Future Proof Organizations Need to Address Future Job Trends
David Wilson, Manager, Canada, Premium Member
You also need to look at future trends that could impact organizations and their employees. The Brookfield Institute (of Canada) has identified 31 interesting trends that will impact jobs of the future.
Three of the trends include the need for lifelong learning, creativity and better work-life integration.
These trends will impact organizations and their employees. If organizations and their leaders are not prepared for the future, they will not be able to hire the talent they need to grow, compete and transform. Many of the jobs of today will disappear in the next 10-20 years and the speed of change is only accelerating.
Are organizations (and their employees) really prepared for tomorrow? I am not convinced organizations and their leaders are prepared for future jobs and the pace of change.

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