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From Mass to Influencer Marketing
Stefka Nenkova, Student (University), Netherlands, Premium Member
According to some views, today’s marketing is losing its effectiveness and is even considered “broken” (Brown and Hayes, 2008). A possible reason is that it does not contribute to sales in as direct and tangible way as before. The wide public is targeted by too many messages that are very similar to each other and not very believable.
Could a company target only specific third parties, which are interested in their service or product and which could affect the purchasing decisions of customers? Such approach would save money and lead to efficiency and eventually to an increase in sales.

Influencer marketing is the approach which attempts to identify specific third parties, referred to as influencers, and to find the best way to approach them (Brown and Hayes, 2008).

  • DEFINITION: Brown and Hayes consider an influencer as “a third-party who significantly shapes the customer’s purchasing decision, but may never...Sign up

From Mass to Influency Marketing
Molokanova, Professor, Ukraine, Member
In other words, influencer marketing is about the influence of the environment of the client on her/his decision-making.
We are all in the middle...Sign up

Influencer Marketing Powerful Tool in Social Networks
Teresa Dian Chew, Consultant, Malaysia, Member
I agree with the concept of influencer marketing in the today's digital economy, leveraging on its viral power. In my opinion influencer marketing ...Sign up

Influential Marketing? What's the Difference?
Latif Salifu Kasim, Entrepreneur, Ghana, Member
To what extent is influential marketing approach different from using an opinion former or leader? This is the first time I hear about this tool as a ...Sign up

A Conscious Based Approach to Influence Marketing
srinivas, Lecturer, India, Member
I think we can influence the decisions taken based on the conscious based factors.
For example, the respect given by the buyer towards the skill ...Sign up

Influencer Marketing in the Wine Industry
EDUARDO WEXMAN, Management Consultant, Chile, Member
The wine industry is one example where influencers, specifically wine journalists and critics have been playing a significant role for decades. A wine...Sign up

Ethics in Advertising???
Eugene Laslo, Consultant, Hungary, Member
@Srinivas: I am having some doubts about the viability of the combination of advertising and following ethical stand...Sign up

Influencer Marketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Khalil Rajati, industrial enginer, Iran, Member
For pharmaceutical products the influencers can be different:
  • For OTC PRODUCTS influencers are pharmacies, sales force, media... Sign up

Ethics in Advertising
srinivas, Lecturer, India, Member
@Eugene Laslo: you would agree that ethics as such is complex subject. For example to lie in general is unethical, h...Sign up

Micro Influencer Marketing
Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
Social media like facebook, twitter and youtube have made it possible for many new "micro-influencers" to recommend or disapprove certain products and...Sign up

Evangelism Marketing - Story Building (PR) - Opinion Leaders
Sivakumar , Business School Marketer, India, Member
Evangelism marketing - Story Building (PR) - Opinion Leaders: I see this influencer market...Sign up

From Mass to Influencer Marketing
Salvatore Clemente, Business Consultant, Italy, Member
What about word of mouth marketing? This is the oldest and cheapest form of inf...Sign up

The Power of Persuasion to Influencer Marketing
oscar charles sanga, Tanzania, Member
What do you think of persuasion role in this? You see, Influencer marketing has ...Sign up

Difficulties with Influencer Marketing
David Harland, Consultant, United Kingdom, Member
I've been observing a ($2b t/o) firm over the last couple of years, plus some others in relation to their marketing and specifically their social medi...Sign up

History of Influencer Marketing
Mike Allen, Interim Manager, United Kingdom, Member
Pfizer started this approach with USA farmers in the 1950s and it was adopted by Dennis Tolliday (Sterling-Winthrop) and Barry Haigh (Innovex) in the ...Sign up

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