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luiz melo
Consultant, Brazil
In my opinion, the SECI model is essence of knowledge management. With this model, we can grow to complex models creating complementary models and support tools. The greater doubt is: what is the best way for transfering tacit knowledge? (...) Read more? Sign up for free

  Dr. Travis Perera
Management Consultant, Sri Lanka

Transferring Tacit Knowledge

There are many ways to assimilate tacit knowledge:
- Belong to a family where the desired tacit knowledge is;
- Work with an expert for a reasonable time;
- Experiment;
- Acquire the art part of the skill;
- Observe for a reasonable time;
- Work with different cultures...

  luiz melo
Consultant, Brazil

Transfering Tacit Knowledge

Most of these ways presuppose human interactions. But when a company has lost an important human resource, these interactions won't occur anymore.
Then it's very difficult to maintain and guarantee the tacit knowledge in such company.

  Lawrence Gqesha
Analyst, South Africa

Opening the Way to Transfer Tacit Knowledge

For a long time organizations did not realize that (...)

  luiz melo
Consultant, Brazil

Brainstorm Sessions to Transfer Tacit Knowledge

I agree with all statements. Perhaps the better wa (...)

  Lawrence Gqesha
Analyst, South Africa

Collaboration to Transfer Tacit Knowledge

One of the strategies that organization might also (...)

  luiz melo
Consultant, Brazil

What is the Best Way to Transfer Tacit Knowledge

@Lawrence Gqesha : Perfect! In that company, who w (...)

  Lawrence Gqesha
Analyst, South Africa

Ways to Transfer Tacit Knowledge

Knowledge management is new to our organization an (...)

  Fernando Valdez
Consultant, Panama

A Focused Role-player, a Culture and a System for Knowledge Management

@Lawrence Gqesha: I will start working as the chie (...)

  Christian Blatter
Consultant, France

A Tool for Knowledge Sharing in Change Management

A few years ago when I was responsible for researc (...)

  christine Tuitoek

Avoiding Loss of Information During Tacit Knowledge Transfer

How can we transfer tacit knowledge without losing (...)

  Fernando Valdez
Consultant, Panama

Transferring Tacit Knowledge Without Losing It

@Christine Tuitoek: Best practice: Transfer knowl (...)

  Bahman Norouzpour

Transfer of Tacit Knowledge is Facilitated by Trust

Tacit knowledge is defined as knowledge that is no (...)

Student (Other), Greece

Tacit Knowledge Transfer

Since tacit knowledge is connected with behavior, (...)

  Alkhaly Mohamed Tahey Conde
Lecturer, Guinea

Positive Experience to Monitor

@Spyros: Thank you so much for your input. You can (...)

  Alkhaly Mohamed Tahey Conde
Lecturer, Guinea

Modes of Tacit Knowledge Transferring

@Dr. Travis Perera: Thank you very much for your p (...)

  Gary Wong
Consultant, Canada

Transferring Tacit Knowledge is a Complex Problem

Permit me to be provocative and have some fun at t (...)


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