Advantages Disadvantages Between SECI Model and Other Models

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Advantages Disadvantages Between SECI Model and Other Models
Ricardo Freitas, Student (University), Portugal

What are the main advantages/disadvantages (and other main differences) between SECI model and other models?

SECI Model Disadventage
lekycheang, Student (MBA), Hong Kong
When tacit knowledge changes to explicit knowledge via a codify process, that will not be comprehended by outsiders.
The "knowledge" will only be discussed and communicated among a small amount of people. And these people normally are top management and they don't know the whole picture of what happens.

SECI Model Critiques
keivn davies, Project Manager, United Kingdom
There are a number of academic critiques around this conceptual model, and proven difficult to confirm:
- The model suggests a linear process, where iteration may provide the same result.
- As a knowledge management process it doesn't work
- As a learning process there are simpler models to consider.
Source: (Kolb, Cook & Brown, Allison Haynes).

SECI Model not Linear
Peter Herbert, USA
@Keivn: judging by the spiral in the top picture above on the SECI model, I believe the SECI model is not linear. On the contrary, it is a spiral of knowledge.
Why do you believe it is linear?

SECI Model in Practice
ME Effendi, Student (MBA), Malaysia
In my study titled "a study on knowledge management practices of a public listed company" the knowlegde process proved to be spiral. Perhaps, it depends on the uniqueness of the organizational environment and the stage of development.

SECI Model not Linear?
keivn davies, Project Manager, United Kingdom
The linear argument is presented because the model suggests each "section" requires completion before progression to the next segment can be made. A truly linear model would allow entry to be made at any point within the process.
The model takes no account of prior knowledge, nor partial completion of any of the sections.
Moreover the same effect of knowledge generation can be achieved by iteration throughout (along) the process.
Therefore the spiral concept is an inaccurate representation of a practical and conceptual application.

Advantages Disadvantages of SECI Model with Other Models
Tawazadza, Entrepreneur, Zimbabwe
Advantages or disadvantages of any model are situational. A lot depends on what I call the concrete conditions. Organizational culture plays an important role when it come to models.
For example, I argue that benchmarking failures are due to failure to understand internal contradictions within organizations.
Situations pertaining to Japan and Japanese culture were conducive to SECI. I do not think this is valid for the English and Americans.
SECI could be popular with Africans, particularly Zimbabweans, because our culture is in a way similar to that of Japan.


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