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Heba, Business Consultant, United Arab Emirates
One can broadly distinguish between negotiation strategies and tactics: Negotiation Strategies Negotiation Strategy is the manner of conscious behavior, including long term planning, in view of perceiving and evaluating conditions, the situation and the power of the opponent. There are 2 basic types of negotiation strategy:
  1. Struggle strategy: One gains only from the other's loss. This strategy is less popular, albeit effective and gets sure results.
  2. Cooperation strategy: where both sides can reach their goal by way of compromise.
Negotiation Tactics Tactics are specific actions used in a particular situation; they are meant for short-term use and constantly change depending on the specifics of the negotiation conditions. Tactics are more practical and often help to reveal the opponent's hidden agenda and interests and collecting more information. Tactics can be subdivided into 5 categories. Making use of more than one tactic can conside (...) Read more? Sign up for free

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  eduardo oliva, Professor, Mexico

Careful with Negotiating Tactics

This subject should not exist. Unless it is newly (...)

  Dennis Lagerweij, Netherlands

Nice Summery of Negotiation Tactics and Strategies

Nice summery, however I disagree that the "Struggl (...)

  Heba, Business Consultant, United Arab Emirates

Win - Lose versus Win - Win

@: The "Struggle strategy" is the negotiation situ (...)

  Heba, Business Consultant, United Arab Emirates

Finding a Common Ground is Always the Purpose

@: Information, Place and Power factors are the m (...)

  Naser M. Elmusrati, Strategy Consultant, Libya

Information Injections in Negotiating

Usually we communicate (mention) the information w (...)

  John Simpson, Project Manager, Australia

Negotiate for a Relationship - Bargain for a Transaction

An element missing in the discussion is the desire (...)

  Heba, Business Consultant, United Arab Emirates

Desired Future Relationship Between Negotiating Parties Determines the Negotiation Strategy and Tactics

@: This is absolutely correct, the desired future (...)

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