Four Habits to Severely Undermine the Quality of your Brainwork

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Theo Compernolle MD., PhD
Consultant, Belgium

Four Habits to Severely Undermine the Quality of your Brainwork

🔥NEW Thanks to IT, the brain of the Brain worker is in continuous interaction with other brains that stimulate and feed it.
Never forget, however, that electronic systems only hold DATA and sometimes INFORMATION if the data is ordered in a meaningful way.
The only place where KNOWLEDGE and INSIGHT reside is in the brains of people. If you want to optimize knowledge and insight of yourself and your brain workers, keep an eye on the way you and your company use modern technology, to get the best of it, without letting it undermine the best of your brains.

The way we use this beautiful technology, however, has several drawbacks even to the extent that it often makes us much less productive than we would be without them!
Problems with modern information technologies arise mainly in four ways:
1. By Multitasking
2. By Information Overload
3. By Being Always On
4. By Continuous Background Stress these cause.

Some people react to this with a “So what, that’s modern life, we’ll have to learn to live with it.” The answer is NO, no and no!
Why would you, as an individual, accept this, knowing that it is bad for you brain (and the rest of your body). Why would companies accept it knowing that it very severely undermines productivity in general and creativity in particular?

The situation is similar to what happened in the first industrial revolution. If the hand workers would not have revolted against these dire work situations which undermined their health, and if corporations would not have realized that these living conditions undermined their own profitability, workers would still live in the awful conditions we still see in some developing countries.
In the work situation this “Brain(worker) Abuse” results in clever people doing stupid things. It is a major cause of unsafe and dangerous behavior.
In the home situation this leads to accidents and even drama’s like a child dying in the car on the parking lot because the parent forgot to drop the child at the nursery.

Brain workers should revolt against working conditions that undermine their brain work and their health. Companies should realize that they pay a very high price for organizing work in ways that undermine the quality of brain work.


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👀Four Habits to Severely Undermine the Quality of your Brainwork
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