Volkswagen CEO Apologizes: Facial Emotional Expressions

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Volkswagen CEO Apologizes: Facial Emotional Expressions
Anneke Zwart, Student (University), Netherlands

Following the emission scandal of Volkswagen, its CEO, Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn, publicly apologized earlier this week in a video statement by saying he was 'deeply sorry’ that his company violated existing rules with respect to emissions. Generally speaking, the public expects an apology after a scandal. However, not all apologies are received well by the public.
Adams and Brink (2015) perform research on how emotional and facial expressions of organizational representatives are perceived during public apologies by investors and thus affect the stock market performance of an organization. They reached following conclusions:
  1. DEVIANT EMOTIONS: Adams and Brink found that it is extremely important to minimize the expression of deviant emotions such as happiness and delight, because it signals insincere regret and through that it diminishes the efficiency of a corporate apology.
  2. SUBTLE EMOTIONAL EXPRESSIONS: Not only deviant emotional expressions, also su... Register

Puppet BehaviourSign up
Koray Tulgar, CxO / Board, Turkey
I felt like he is behaving like a puppet. He is af...

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Lamanna, Consultant, Italy
Either you, Mr Winterkorn, come up with the name(s...

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Greer, Project Manager, United Kingdom
Sentiment and language is easy - definitive action...

Tone is also ImportantSign up
Ivan Hilliard, Profesor, Spain
Tone is also important. With the translation it is...

Not ConvicingSign up
Roman Bauer, Management Consultant, Czech Republic
I feel he did the apology, because he had to. But ...

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Radha Raj, Other, India
As I am now studying professional and organisation...

Is He Sad, Sorry or Unable to Act as SuchSign up
Ahmed Ali, Director, Saudi Arabia
His body language does not project true feelings a...

Facial Micro Expressions AnalysingSign up
Daniel AZARIAN, HR Consultant, France
It would be very interesting to hear what a facial...

He is Reading on a Transparent ScreenSign up
Elvio Valchi, Teacher, Argentina
His eyes movements suggests he is reading a text o...

Forum; Volkswagen CEO ApologisesSign up
Graham Williams, Management Consultant, South Africa
The words are good. But no gestures, no facial exp...

Scary Face Reading the PaperSign up
Fernando Moreno, Manager, Ecuador
Just is reading a paper with a scary face.Not more...

Judging Mr. WinterkornSign up
Eijsink, Netherlands
No, he did not 100% convince me based on body lang...

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Deric Crosby, Manager, United States
My first impression was not too positive for a cou...

Winterkorn's ApologySign up
Joy Roberts, Management Consultant, Jamaica
He did look scared but not sincere. He was obvious...

Dr. Winterkorn's ApologySign up
Briolett, Manager, Canada
It is clear to me he was reading from a script tha...

An Unuseful Video. Too Much Under ControlSign up
Philippe Etienne, Coach, France
I am not convinced that this video was useful for ...

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Richard Hansen, Coach, United States
I invite us to consider another opinion of the val...

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Elena Zhila, Project Manager, Germany
Very interesting discussion. I am an expat living ...

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KARIN SHNORHAVORIAN, Financial Consultant, United States
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Arthur Panton, Consultant, Kenya
I think his reaction, had it been an angry one at ...

Volkswagen CEO Apologizes: Facial Emotional ExpressionsSign up
harminder mohan, HR Consultant, India
To me the facial expression seems genuine. His eye...

Unehical and ImmoralSign up
G.C.Nijampure, Business Consultant, India
Apparently his apology is not genuine. His resigna...

Apologetic But in to Much Hot Water to Be SincereSign up
Nicolas, Director, Japan
Clearly not a happy face but as other commented, i...

Angry and AfraidSign up
Paolo Vallarano, Teacher, Italy
After watching the video it seems to me that Wolks...

Just my Two CentsSign up
Euro Perozzi, Other, Italy
At a certain point there are some micro expression...

Getting the Balance RightSign up
Ian Hotz, Management Consultant, Kenya
Many valid points from contributors. Who is Mr Win...

Volkswagen CEO Apologizes: Facial Emotional ExpressionsSign up
Marquis, HR Consultant, France
A lot of times we judge people not taking in consi...

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Borje Vickberg, Other, Sweden
An interesting discussion, but is focus on the rig...

Verzeihung! . . . SorrySign up
Eric Nelson, Business Consultant, United States
Stoic; insincere. Despite Germans' customary non-e...

Reaction of Winterkorn is SincereSign up
Eric Sommer, Management Consultant, Netherlands
I don't agree with the vast mayority of respondant...

Contextless JudgementsSign up
Andy Lake, Management Consultant, United Kingdom
I tend to agree with those who say there is distre...

No Sincerity at AllSign up
Carlos Marques, Strategy Consultant, Portugal
In fact he was uncomfortable (some minor body osci...


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Eric Sommer, Management Consultant, Netherlands
@Jaap de Jonge (Edit...

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Ram Mohan, Manager, India
@Elena Zhila: I ...

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VILMA JOY VALLE, Philippines
For me the apology is sincere. You don't need to o...

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Jan Leys, Senior executive, Belgium
I believe this was the best possible way of direct...

Mr. Winterkorn Will Loose Job..Sign up
Ibrahim Rasheed, Director, Maldives
When I watched the video I felt that he is forced ...

Well Trained and Controlled Maybe Too MuchSign up
Elena Scremin, Financial Consultant, Italy
Mr. Winterkorn was probably reading the text of hi...

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Successful work not only involves the technologica...

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ANDRES RENDON, Manager, Colombia
He simply is acting a role, playing a role. It is ...

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edward sevume, Other, Sweden
I think we all know the Asian way of saying "I am ...


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