11th School of Thought on Strategic Management: The Unlearning School

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KK Verma
Director, India

11th School of Thought on Strategic Management: The Unlearning School

From my point of view, one important school of thought has been missed.
There should be an "Unlearning School', where people should be taught irrelevant things of last few century. Human beings have limitations to carry on learning till the time unlearning lessons are imparted. So think over it. We need unlearning lessons badly before learning lessons in this information age and Internet age.
Learn to unlearn!


Maia, Hungary

Unlearning school

Unlearning is part of the learning process. It is too restricted in itself to evolve into a separate mindset.

D. Ryan, England


Alvin Toffler states in his book Future shock (1971) the importance of unlearning when he said that the illiterate of the 21st century will not be those that cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn. This shows that unlearning is an important process in evolving cognitively. When looking at Darwins (1958) book The Origin of Species it is clear that evolution is paramount to survival. It could be argued, as Maia suggests, that unlearning could already be part of the learning process, and I would be hesitant to dismiss theories or ideas that may have been deemed 'irrelevant' in the past. Contextual factors must be taken into consideration as to why these notions or ideas may not have been successful. It may be wise to keep an open mind to past ideas or schools of thought as different scenarios require different strategies and as Darwin suggested, it is the one who is most adaptable that will have the greatest chance of survival.

Gopal Nadkarni, USA

Unlearning School

It would be good to compile the biggest "strategic" mistakes and how some of the most brilliant thin... Sign up

Al mobarak Gasmallah Mohamed

The Unlearning School School of Thought

I do agree that if people taught irrelevant things that would form this kind of school.... Sign up

KK Verma
Director, India

Unlearning Theory (also Called Theory of Human Growth)

Unlearning is the best for today's networked world. Unlearning is essential for you, your networking... Sign up


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