Differences between Bureaucracy and Innovative Organization (Adhocracy)?

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Differences between Bureaucracy and Innovative Organization (Adhocracy)?
Anneke Zwart, Moderator
Dolan summarizes three main signs or differences between Mintzberg's 2nd and 5th configuration: adhocracy (AD) and machine bureaucracy (MB). It's good to remember them because they are so common:
- MB: Those working in a such environment are more focused on individual performance within their own organization, thereby taking little care of results and effectiveness of overall processes.
- AD: In contrast, AD emphasize on fulfilling customer needs and improving practices; this in which conditions for professional orientation are present.
2. VIEW:
- MB has a more case-centered view
- AD takes a more holistic view of their customers.
- MB: The orientation of such professionals has to do with ascribed authority characterized by opposing factors such as secrecy and resisting innovative ideas; this is mainly because bureaucracy is less able to react to changes.
- AD is transparency- and collaboration-oriented
Source: Dolan, T.E. (2010). “Revisiting Adhocracy: from Rhetorical Revisionism to Smart Jobs.” Journal of Future Studies.

Adhocracy (AD) versus Machine Bueaucracy
Bernhard Haidacher, Member
Very good - excellent and focused article. Can be recommended to everybody who is in line with this field.

Adhocracy and Machine Bureaucracy
Susan Power Bergin, Member
I believe it is basically on the onus of the company. Machines make people complacent.
For example, when IT was introduced into public offices there was a saying "it must be right" as we later learned a machine is only as good as the information that is put in. In other words: if human errors in setting up a database go unnoticed, then the system will make mistakes.
A lot depends on the training of employees. Companies need conscientious employees who take initiative and bring discrepancies to the attention of management.

Differences Between MB and AD
Alfred Schut, Member
Through the book Mintzberg on Management you can obtain a more detailed insight in the differences between the types of organizations.

Adhocracy and Machine Bureaucracy not Unique in Latin America
carlos narvaez, Member
Excellent, thanks for your concrete and accurate description of three key points. I shall read this paper.

We Needed It, Thanks for the Refresh
Daniel Ceballos, Member
Every one of us know it was necessary to remember this differences.
Thanks for the refresh. May be when we read you appointment, we started to remember but, may be we did not working on that.

Adhocracy versus Machine Bureaucracy
Anneke, yes the difference is clear. However at times it can be confusing how the line should be drawn between the two as there are many 'grey shades'. This is a good article and those who have the opportunity to read it would benefit themselves a lot.


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