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Mind Mapping Applications (usages)
Karl Hoegerl, Germany, Member
You can use Mind Mapping to:
- Plan and organize
- Add structure to text and reports
- Prepare information for learning
- Brainstorm
- Projektmanagement
- Finding quality issues
- Testing protocols
- Web site planning and development.

Using Mind Mapping
Diana Zee, Project Manager, United Kingdom, Member
For me the visual aspect is the key. You can see everything at once and then focus on one section at times.
Using Mind Mapping software allows you to move thoughts/ideas about as the process evolves.
And last but by now means least you can have the relevant documents, pdfs, links attached so you have everything in the right place.

Mindmap for Preparing Instruction Manual
Jagdish B Acharya, Consultant, India, Premium Member
I use a mindmap software which helps in generating a website from a mindmap or text report. I supplied a measurement system to our sister unit in Brazil which uses Portuguese language which I do not know.
I made a web site using this and had hyperlinks to pictures, videos and text files which acted as a very good instruction manual. The users could install and use the system which had electrical circuit diagram and software for storing test results by this and few letters. No one was required to visit for explaining it. The CD which had this data served as instruction manual and was found sufficient.

Versatility of Mindmanager Could Be Much Better
Swart, Consultant, Netherlands, Member
We would like to use mindmanager or equal for real brainstorming; it is however rather rigid when one wants to add scribbles or free sketches: they cannot be drawn directly on the map. A real brainstorm should allow drawings and sketches directly on the board in a way that it is very user friendly and doesn't distract or bother the person who is adding it.
Since years electronic mind maps are only based on text fields and links to be placed.

Mindmapping and Brainstorming are Contradictory
Jagdish B Acharya, Consultant, India, Premium Member
Brainstorming is free flow of ideas. Mind Mapping on the other hand is somewhat structured and links ideas, concepts etc.
For brainstorming one needs a board, scriber and open team to share data. Mindmapping is an activity which may even be done individually.
Mindmapping can be the second stage of brainstorming in which team tries to structure data and concentrate on critical or real issues or causes.

Mind Mapping Many Uses
Dan Cooper, Analyst, United States, Member
I like seeing data visually. I have accumulated my dog-ear page/text markers in a book I have read to collate important passages then organizing them in a mind map. Interesting in both having access to the information, but also interesting layout of what I find interesting in the book. I liked it for organizing info for work, creating lyric sheets for my original compositions. I will probably use it to map out my book idea.

Mind-mapping and Brainstorming
Swart, Consultant, Netherlands, Member
@Jagdish B Acharya: what is the point of making mind mapping and brainstorming contradictory? They can of course be used in the order you mention. I see mind-mapping as a supportive tool for the lively process of brainstorming: the participants want to be able to view all ideas (for instance to think of new associative ideas), actually you are assuming that brainstorming may not be structured?
I only supposed that the tool of mindmapping (software) could be better to support the process of brainstorming.
And especially when it concerns product design or other businesses where visualised ideas are prevailing for the greater part!
We are doing a lot of brainstorms for companies in the field of design and thereby the available software could be helpful much more than is the case at present.

Structured Brainstorming
Jagdish B Acharya, Consultant, India, Premium Member
@Swart: thanks for better insight. Raw or first stage brainstorming may not have structure but real brainstorming in a practical session may use mindmapping and be more effective than its parts.
In this manner a mind map may become more comprehensive in its coverage of details by using brainstorming.

Project Management Usage of Mind Mapping
Marcelo Fenoll Ramal, ICT Consultant, Brazil, Member
I use Mind Mapping in project scope identification and definition. The decomposition techinique, used in EAP development, is the same in MM.

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