Why is Mentoring Under-utilized?

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Michael D. Moore
Entrepreneur, United States

Why is Mentoring Under-utilized?

Mentoring can be one of the most effective training and empowering tools available. I am concerned as to why the mentoring process is so underutilized.
Most mentoring in companies takes place on an informal basis. More experienced people take others under their wing.
Companies would do well to formalize mentoring and make it a strategic strength.

Financial Consultant, India

Managing versus Mentoring

There is a big difference between managing (more crudely bossing) and mentoring. Most senior members are not ready to give that extra effort in taking interest in a subordinate's career.
One more thing is many companies make the mistake of having the manager and mentor as the same person which does not workout fine.
There must also be some accountability for the same.


Mentoring is not a Computer Application

Mentoring has been a part of one's personal develo (...)

  Corbette Doyle
Professor, United States

Why is Mentoring Underutilized?

Many companies have launched formal mentoring prog (...)

  Richard Townsend

Mentoring Sucks in Practice

In todays business environment, at least in the Un (...)

Student (Other), Belgium

Mentoring takes Courage (and Cuirage)

Once upon a time... Mentoring was the way to learn (...)

  Dr Vasundhara Padmanabhan
Manager, India

Don't Need Help

My faculty has reported several times that the new (...)

  John C. Howard
Strategy Consultant, United States

Mentors Need to Make Themselves Available

It is a two-sided system: - Mentors need to make (...)

Business Consultant, India

RE: Don't Need Help..

The new recruits are 'new'. They hesitate to enter (...)

  Phillip Nel
Director, South Africa

Why Under-utilisation of Mentoring

The level of formalisation for the mentoring progr (...)

  steven zuback
Coach, United States

Reasons for Mentoring Underutilization

My experience has shown me that most mentoring pro (...)

Entrepreneur, United States

Mentoring Should be Formalized and Made into a Strategic Strength

I agree with Michael's comments regarding the fact (...)

  Robert J. Yeldell
Coach, United States

Mentoring Needs 2 Volunteers

Effective mentoring can only take place when the m (...)

Student (University), Australia

Why is Mentoring Underutilised

John Kotter proposed (HBR 1990?) that business ove (...)

  David knight
Student (University), Australia

Mentoring is a Two Way Street

Most companies or organisations fail to see the tr (...)

  Leodegardo M. Pruna
Professor, Philippines

Why Mentoring is Underutilized

Mentoring is generally underutilized because of th (...)

  joko triyono
Director, Indonesia

Mentoring Not Part of KPIs

Many great successes had somebody directly / indir (...)

  Tinus van der Merwe

Managing <> Mentoring

The manager as mentor does not work, since: - the (...)

  esther agali
Student (MBA), Uganda

Mentoring - Who Accredits?

Thank you colleagues... These are great insights! (...)

  Sridharan Krishnaswami
Teacher, United States

Mutual Willingness

Mentoring must be based on mutual readiness and wi (...)

  Kimberly justice

Why is Mentoring Under-utilized?

1) Mentoring is seen as helping a younger person g (...)

Strategy Consultant, India

Mentoring Must Develop from Social and Emotional Bondage

Visualizing the organization as a social system, i (...)

Project Manager, India

Mentor ≠ Manager

I agree with Mr. Radhakrishnanan. A mentor and the (...)

  Bill Young
Consultant, Switzerland

Why is Mentoring Under-utilized

Mentoring SYSTEMS are under-utilised because they (...)

  Jackie Yeoh
Manager, Malaysia

Not Seeing the Need for Mentoring

Mentoring is under-utilised because head of depart (...)

  andy loebl
Project Manager, United States

Looking 'Polished'

I have been both the recipient and the offeror of (...)

Entrepreneur, United States

Mentoring Makes Mentee Appear Vulnerable

I agree with Andy that seeking a mentor can make a (...)

  Reginald Mathe Mazibuko
Director, South Africa

Mentoring Works Only at High, Executive Levels

I think a point has been made that where the organ (...)

  Lindiwe Shongwe
HR Consultant, South Africa

Why is Mentoring Under-utilized

In my organisation mentors are appointed its not v (...)

  Samuell Yew
Project Manager, Malaysia

Lacking Trust and Respect

Mentoring requires mutual trust and respect betwee (...)

  Madan Gopal Agarwal
Business Consultant, India

Mentoring is a Major, Medium-Term Investment

To me, mentoring is a developmental process in whi (...)

  Naved Adeel
Strategy Consultant, India

Focusing on What Went Wrong

The reason that mentoring process is underutilized (...)

Manager, South Africa

Resistance to Mentoring

Mentoring is a key to many doors for some professi (...)

  Sabine Pitcher
Manager, United Kingdom

Mentoring is Largely Misunderstood

Mentoring needs to be part of a development struct (...)

  Udit Chaudhuri
Business Consultant, India

No Clear Course Set

A mentor helps the mentee to find questions as aga (...)

  James Faulkner
Project Manager, United States

Telling Instead of Asking

Mentors often seek to educate or pass on a skill. (...)

  Aquatix Pharma

Mentoring Must be Voluntary

The mentors must not be forced on the mentees. The (...)

  Robert Scott
Management Consultant

Mentoring Needs Structured Environment

Whether it is called mentoring, training or develo (...)

  Andrei Madly
Manager, Romania

Mentoring is Mentality Shaping

I understand mentoring as mentality shaping, and t (...)

  Tinus van der Merwe

Support for Mentoring is Missing

My experience shows that it is absolutely vital th (...)

  Samuel Chinyoka
Professor, Botswana

No Benefits for Mentor

Mentoring fails in most organizations because ther (...)

  Kathleen R. Parrish
United States

Technical Mentoring Can Backfire

After several years of avid pursuit of knowledge t (...)

  Jolanta Sz
Professor, Poland

Mentoring Requires Experience

It's obvious that not everybody can be a good ment (...)

  Mrs. Josephine Idele
Partner, Nigeria

Why is Mentoring Under Utilised

Since mentoring is about sharing knowledge, expert (...)

  Rex Buckingham
Consultant, Australia

Mentoring - to Be or not to Be

Mentoring is such an under utilised and misunderst (...)

Entrepreneur, United States

Mentoring Requires Trust and Timing

I agree Rex with all the elements of mentoring you (...)

  Andrew Blaine
Business Consultant, South Africa

Mentoring Sucks in Practice - Shame on You

@Richard Townsend: If your contention is that ment (...)

Manager, South Africa

Mentoring is Sometimes Misunderstood

The concept of mentoring is misunderstood in the w (...)

  Tinus van der Merwe

Mentoring your Own People

I don't get it that managers try to mentor their o (...)

  Andrew Blaine
Business Consultant, South Africa

Mentoring your Own People

@Tinus van der Merwe: Sorry, I do not understand (...)

  Tinus van der Merwe

Managers Mentoring Their Direct Reports

@Andrew Blaine: Mentoring involves deep personal i (...)

  Andrew Blaine
Business Consultant, South Africa

Mentoring ≠ Coaching

@Tinus van der Merwe: Thank you for your clarifica (...)

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

The Difference Between Mentoring and Coaching

Please refer here for a full discussion on mentori (...)

  Doug Lawrence
Entrepreneur, Canada

Why is Mentoring Under-utilized... Lack of Training

@Lindiwe Shongwe: I can appreciate your concerns a (...)

  Andrew Blaine
Business Consultant, South Africa

Under Utilisation of Mentoring

@Jaap de Jonge: In your commentary you detail the (...)

  Andrew Blaine
Business Consultant, South Africa

Mentoring - an Essential Ability in Any Good Manager

@Radhakrishnan: I do not feel that managing and m (...)

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