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What is Mentoring? Mentoring is ...
LAOUISSET, Professor, United Arab Emirates, Member
You cannot mentor unless you love... Mentoring is a passion for humanity. So Mentoring is Loving.

Mentoring is ... Inspiring
Bbaale Robert, HR Consultant, Uganda, Member
A thoughtful mentor is a person whose words and deeds inspire the protege to develop appropriate competences.

Mentoring is ... Leaving Behind your Legacy
Jackie Yeoh, Manager, Malaysia, Member
Use mentoring as a way to leave behind our legacy in our fields.. In this way, we ensure our fields are kept alive and we have played a small part of maintaining the passion in our fields...

Mentoring is ... a Passion
Dilip Khanal, CEO, Nepal, Member
Mentoring triggers a skill transfer process. However, the mentor should have a passion to pass on a knowledge or skill.
This requires a more or less informal structure. Companies may encourage voluntary mentoring and reward mentoring initiatives suitably.

What is Mentoring? Confused..
Bill Young, Consultant, Switzerland, Member
But what is it?
Coaching; knowledge transfer; training; developmental needs analysis; career guidance; counselling; personal feedback; or protection.
Take your pick, it seems...

Mentoring is ... NOT Baby Sitting
Mathemane Joyce Duba, Manager, South Africa, Member
When entering into any organisation to me its essential to be supported - not baby sitted - by a person who is confident and not easily threatened. Most of the mentors from where I come from are not looking at mentoring as forming a legacy, but as providing an inroad for the mentee to overtake them.
As a result they compete with mentees instead of providing guidance and coaching.

Mentoring is ... Success for our Mentee
Jackie Yeoh, Manager, Malaysia, Member
As a mentor, we would like our mentee to be successful in our fields not only in our organisation but in any organisation the mentee will work for... No organisation can promise life long employment any more...

Various Connotations on Mentoring
Dilip Khanal, CEO, Nepal, Member
Mentoring might be understood differently in different cultures. In my country it is just helping someone to pile on his/her strengths. In some African countries, it is loving without any expectations. In management, it is perceived as a method of coaching with passion. In a nutshell, mentoring could be termed as a passionate way of instilling organizational values without expecting anything from the subject.

Mentoring is Feeding and Nurturing a Real Person
Bayissa Milkessa, Business Consultant, Ethiopia, Member
Mentoring is feeding and nurturing a real person to withstand and eventually overcome all challenges posed against him/her within a given environment. Thus, it is essentially about the successful survival of people.
Generally speaking, as a balanced nutrient is salient for healthy survival, mentoring is essential for orderly growth of people in a given environment.

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Doug Lawrence

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