The Role of Empowerment

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The Role of Empowerment
Madhavi Mauskar
We will always have X & Y type of people. What can make an X turn into an Y and vice a versa is EMPOWERMENT. If I can empower X he will turn into Y and the opposite will work too.

Management Style
In theory X, sometimes hard management can increase the dissatisfaction and cause resentment. In my humble opinion, employees differ when it comes to compensation. Some are motivated through increasing their salary, others are looking for more leaves and vacations, even some just want to be commended and recognized. So no doubt there is a way to turn X into Y, though it might need a great deal of work.

Cause and Effect
Leadership qualities I think play a very important part in bringing out either Theory X or Theory Y, given the fact that both traits are inherent in the nature man. One must bear in mind the "cause and effect" and "action and reaction" scenarios.

Holistic Organization-wide Change
What causes somebodies orientation to either theory X or Y is the sum of management style, organization structure and to a good extent the organization culture. Once a system is oriented to either X or Y, I do not think altering one aspect e.g. empowering the workers can result in swift change, without a holistic organization-wide change of mindset.

Management Style
tegesh W. Menkore, China, Member
Nowadays everything is changing due to the impact of globalization and IT. The organization's culture, structure, systems and business processes also change.
Therefore, Theory X, Y and Z may work only in a short period of time since today's pursued management style may no longer work tomorrow.

Perceptions about X and Y Behaviour change
Nsununguli Mbongolwane
Employee behaviour is fluid across the X and Y positions. As the organisation culture changes and management changes so are the perceptions about X and Y behaviour. The role of management is to manage themselves and the organisation in order to influence the way they see their employees.

Theory X and Theory Y
It is known that the whole world is made up of people who will fall either in category X or Y theory. Empowering will change people of falling under theory X into theory Y may not be always true as most of the people are unwilling to take responsibility as they are guided by the fear that failure will end in flaks for them. it is, hence, necessary to identify people and empower them so that they could act as catalysts for improving organisation culture.

Theory X and Theory Y
Chithra S.
Theory X in some Government Concern is also because of less control by the management & can be changed only if the required control is there. Today's management also depends on some control.

Theory X and Y Conditions
Samuel Ebeke
I want to state that all theories are functional and dysfunctional depending on the application in managing the diverse and uncertain human conditions. The human resources manager has the challenge of assessing the circumstances in which each of the theories can produce the most motivation and desired productivity in the individual.

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