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Vidya, India

Applying Theory XY in Practice

These motivational theories are excellent. However, how can we motivate the practicing administrators / bureaucrats to apply the tenets of these theories in their work situations?

  Oyewole, Babafemi, Cotonou

Theory X and Theory Y in Practice

Theories are derivative of real life observations. These theories are no exception. Soft management styles are most appropriate to knowledge workers while hard management may be suitable to workers that exert physical energies in their work. Nonetheless, leadership and concern for staff welfare will have a significant effect on productivity.

  Fred Vander Mijnsbrugge, Belgium

Theory X & Y in Practice

In my coaching sessions all over Europe, I experience that people really want to work hard in order to find a personal satisfaction and/or contribution to the society. As a Leader or CEO, we have to facilitate this objective and treat them as thé most precious resource so they can volunteer their highest efforts and energies and reach creative excitement towards their goals.

  Ullhas Pagey, India

Theory X Has Lost its Relevance

Theory X , Y & Z were hotly debated in the early seventies and eighties. Since then times have changed and business envi...

  sanjeev, india

Theory versus Practice in X, Y and Z

I feel it's a combination of both. For example the assumption that humans inherently dislike work and avoid it. Now what...

  Richard Opoku, Ghana

Theory Vs Practice

I think that the theory is good for situational leaders that understand their environment well and make good use of the ...

  Luis Cabral, Angola

Cultural Aspects of Theory X and Theory Y

Both theories are important styles of management. The use of them depends on several factors. The cultural aspect is to ...

  Mr Philemon Maboe, South Africa

Theory X and Theory Y

The assumptions in Theory X are unfortunately outdated for the type of competitive world we are living in today. I fully...

  Meera Ramjattan, Trinidad and Tobago

Theory X and Theory Y

I agree with Luis Cabral (Angola). They are both important styles of mangement. I think Cabral 'hit the nail on the hea...

  Elshan, UK

X and Y theory is controversial

Actually, X and Y theory is controversial. People which are not creative and lazy like to be oriented and directed and t...

HR Consultant, Tanzania

In Practice you Need to Combine Theories

It is not possible to put just one theory into practise without borrowing few elements from another. I am of the view th...

  Oshun, Grace Okaima
Lecturer, Nigeria

Theory X Theory Y Theory Z in Practice

I am not in total agreement with Danga in his view that it is impossible to put just one theory into practice without bo...

HR Consultant, Tanzania

Do we Have Examples?

Oshun's comment leaves me in a dilemma whether to agree or not. If I may get examples on how a single theory could stand...

  Oshun, Grace Okaima
Lecturer, Nigeria

Theory X, Theory Y, Theory Z

Theory Z is one in which management takes a holistic view of the situation, including collective decision making, indivi...

  kemi olufunmilayo
Management Consultant, Nigeria

Combination of Theories X and Y

A combination of theories is likely to generate greater efficiency and effectiveness....

  Daniel Latch
Management Consultant, United States

Re: All (most) Theories are Interchangeable - with the Right Tool

Yes, interchangeable with a fitting adaptive structure. Flipping from one to another on whim is not the solution. Single...

  Jurgens, Egypt

The Role of Management Style in Theory X or Y

In theory X, sometimes hard management can increase the dissatisfaction and cause resentment. In my humble opinion, empl...


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