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Oshun, Grace Okaima
Lecturer, Nigeria

What Determines Theory X or Theory Y

In 9 out of 10 cases, the employer or leader determines the way workers behave. Workers who are treated as though they were incapable of responsibility are likely to become irresponsible even if they did not enter the organisation with such traits. Employees should be treated with a measure of respect and given good leadership.


Peter A Hunter, England

Theory X or Theory Y is Determined by Management

Grace is absolutely spot on. Workers want to do a good job, they want to be proud of what they do. They are prevented from doing a good job by the behaviour of their managers.
Their managers deny them the resources they need, they set wild unachievable targets, they never listen to the workforce and the only time they ever speak to them is to tell them that they are not achieving their targets.
This is the behaviour that prevents the workforce from performing, this is the behaviour of a theory X managers.
But the manager is part of the workforce and he wants to do a good job too. If he understood how much more effective he could be if he abandonned his theory X behaviour then he would.
It is a responsibility to show managers how much more effective they could be and we should all be doing it.

R Sreenivasan
Teacher, India

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Charu, India

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Meera, Trinidad

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Madhavi Mauskar, India

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Nsununguli Mbongolwane, Zimbabwe

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Viswanathan, India

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Samuel Ebeke, Nigeria

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