Barriers to Motivation: 20 Principles of De-motivation

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Director, Spain

Barriers to Motivation: 20 Principles of De-motivation

Some keys to discourage teams (and to lose money) in business are the following:
D1. Having little contact with people.
D2. Leave the people in the background.
D3. Give no explanation.
D4. Give everything as if everyone knows it.
D5. Disqualify people in public.
D6. Make people feel useless.
D7. Steal the merits of the team.
D8. Blame the team about the mistakes and assume their success.
D9. Treat the team as if it were our own.
D10. Cut all the efforts, aspirations and dreams of people.
D11. Be jealous of team members.
D12. Create an environment of uncertainty and fear.
D13. The abuse of authority.
D14. Play favouritism.
D15. Divide the tasks in a capricious and unjustified way.
D16. Donít listen: thinking that one is always the absolute truth.
D17. Discriminating against people because of age, education, experience, job and salary.
D18. Have prejudices about people and expect little of them.
D19. Feed resentment, negative memories and feelings of revenge.
D20. Compete to humiliate.

  Elias Attu

D21. Corruption and D22. Egotism

On the 20 keys to discouragement listed above, I w (...)

  Romy Sson
Management Consultant, Philippines

On D7 and D8: The Window Mirror Principle

Try this out: - When a project is successful. loo (...)

Director, Spain

On D7 and D8: The Window Mirror Principle

@Romy Sson: That's right. This is one of the basic (...)

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