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Director, Spain

Principles of Human Motivation

1. Have a reason. Adults want to see a purpose in what we do.
2. Develop a sense of responsibility. People should be proud of their accomplishments.
3. Employees need to know that we take them into account. Involve them in the task, enrich their work.
4. Give recognition, stimulation and approval. The greatest human need is the need for appreciation.
5. Link rewards to performance. In life and in work, there are values.
6. Provide rewards that are valued.
7. Promote healthy competition to avoid disloyalty. The team spirit must prevail as mutual support.
8. Be accessible. Barriers in communication creates misunderstanding.
9. Welcome people in public and correct them in private.
10. Practice active listening with your team, set up meetings, promote coexistence.
11. A high self-esteem of the head will spread to the others.
12. Consider the internal reasons.
13. Give opportunities by delegating in your team.
14. Let people make mistakes and teach them what is correct: itīs part of learning and training
15. Helping others to feel good, starts when you feel good.
16. People do things for their own reasons, not for ours.
17. Finally, create a good working environment and treat people as people.
After many years of working with many persons, I've discovered these by means of readings, experiences, lessons, dialogues, definitely, by means of livin myself. Life and abilities of observation are great teachers. High doses of curiosity are necessary.


Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Wow. Who can suggest #18?

Hi Antonio, your list of motivation principles is amazing and comprehensive. Still I challenge 12ma... Sign up

Jaime Fernandez V.
Professor, Chile

18. Motivation is a Dynamic Process

A very good and useful list. I might add a personal preference - on which I would appreciate your fe... Sign up

Andrew Clark
Business Consultant, Australia

19. Belonging to a Group

I suggest 19. People need purpose and belonging and appreciation from the groups they belong to. P... Sign up

Frederic A Parker
Consultant, United States

On 16: Motivation is an Inside Job

Similar to # 16. Motivation is an inside job. I think this is an umbrella (overarching) principle fo... Sign up

Jose Wilson Massa
Consultant, Brazil

On 14: Allow people to Make Mistakes

Many leaders forget this one. If you do not permit a mistake margin, people won't try to find new wa... Sign up

Mirella, Brazil

20. Have the Will to Motivate

Unfortunately, what I see in most cases is that we have bosses not leaders... Bosses will never have... Sign up

samir mahoud elgamal, Egypt

On 17. Treat People as People

This one means a lot to me and I believe it is key to improve many good things.... Sign up

Stefano Segato
Director, Italy

20 Principles of Human Motivation

Dear Antonio Barranco Ruiz, I agree with the editor, your list is amazing and comprehensive really. ... Sign up

sonia.sun, China

Human Motivation in Practice

Great summary. On the other hand, practice is much more than such summary.... Sign up

Margaret Kilonzo
Manager, Kenya

On 9: Correcting People in Private

I totally agree with principle 9. I have seen how bosses have lowered staff self esteem by correctin... Sign up

Antonio Cucurachi

21. Tell People Where you are Going

Allow me to suggest an additonal principle to the excellent list of Antonio Barranco Ruiz... The n... Sign up

Abiola Yusuff
Business Consultant, Nigeria

22. Recognize the Positive Impact of What we do on Others

Antonio, that was a great write up! And I agree with Jaime that human beings are dynamic in nature, ... Sign up

A.J. Bierman
Business Consultant, South Africa

In Agreement. But Complex

I'm in total agreement with the comments and contributions of the members. It is only once you hav... Sign up

Lucio Reyes Barranca, Mexico

17 Principles of Human Motivation

Hi, Antonio. Incredible! How simple it looks to obtain motivation by applying this list. Obviously i... Sign up

Romy Sson
Management Consultant, Philippines

23. Communicate your Focus

People are motivated to do something if they know and understand what you expect them to achieve.... Sign up

Khalil Rajati
industrial enginer, Iran

On 5. Link Reward to Performance

Many people think their reward does not match their performance. The manager should convince them t... Sign up

Damith Baduraliyage
Student (MBA), Sri Lanka

On 11. Self-esteem and Conduct of Leader

I strongly support on no 11. The self esteem, self conduct and manner that the leader carries himsel... Sign up

Tinus van der Merwe, Saudi Arabia

24. Encourage Co-operation Amongst Team Members

I would like to add "encourage co-operation amongst team members".... Sign up

Andrew Clark
Business Consultant, Australia

25. Eliminate Demotivators

Many organisations and groups could get an instant productivity lift by eliminating the demotivating... Sign up

Jaime Fernandez V.
Professor, Chile

On 25. Eliminating De-motivators

What a great word: de-motivator! I congratulate those who used it. In the management "state of the a... Sign up

Entrepreneur, United States

26. Provide Reasons to Work Beyond Just Earning Money

Provide a reason for employees to go to work other than just the bottom line... Think of other peopl... Sign up

Director, Spain

27. Avoid Discouraging your Team

If you donīt want to motivate the persons in your team, at least, donīt discourage them. This is ind... Sign up

Director, Spain

Hertzberg, Mc Gregor and Motivation

Herzberg gave us 2 factors: 1. Maintenance and hygiene factors: wages, working conditions, competit... Sign up

Andrew Clark
Business Consultant, Australia

Incentives versus Motivation

There is a difference between incentives and motivation. Motivation is the intrinsic nature... Sign up

Jaime Fernandez V.
Professor, Chile

Incentives versus Motivation

Andrew, your comments are very useful. This distinction that you made deepens our understanding.... Sign up

edward sevume

Motivating Forum

For some few weeks back, I came upon Antonioīs principles on what motivates us - what Antonio himsel... Sign up

X Mbane

On 17. Treat People as People

I fully agree with Antonio B. Ruiz especially number 17. People are not interested in any manager u... Sign up

Entrepreneur, United States

On 17. In 'Workforce' the Human is First, the Employee Second

Agree, I have heard somewhere that it is more important to get along with people in the workplace th... Sign up

Coach, Netherlands

On 16. People do Things for Their Own Reasons

People move towards something they want or like and move away from something they dislike. All conte... Sign up

Abdul Rahman
Management Consultant, Malaysia

28: First Understand Each Individual Person

I think the toughest job for a manager is trying to understand each team member before even thinking... Sign up

Syed Noman Mustafa
Manager, Pakistan

10 Laws of Human Motivation

Intrinsic motivation is motivation that comes from within. It comes from the personal enjoyment and ... Sign up

veronica gordon
Student (University), Jamaica

On Principles of Human Motivation #4: Create a sense of Win-win Achievement

The work place should allow employers and employees to feel a sense of achievement liken to a win-wi... Sign up

Entrepreneur, United States

29. Give Ongoing Education Opportunities

I believe it is also important to provide employees with ongoing company/industry specific and unive... Sign up

Karin Mogard
Consultant, Norway

30. Ask Each One in Person How they Evaluate Their Own Strength and Knowhow, and How they Could Contribute in the Best Way

People often have good knowledge on several items, but they can have a great passion for one particu... Sign up

Sandy Szilage
United States

Principles of Human Motivation: #31 Lead by Example

I suggest #18 Lead by example. People feel motivated when their leaders are working hard side by sid... Sign up

Norman Dragt

Self Determination Theory (Deci and Ryan) and TPB (Ajzen)

In psychology two main theories about intrinsic motivation have been researched the last forty years... Sign up


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