Principles of Human Motivation

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Principles of Human Motivation

1. Have a reason. Adults want to see a purpose in what we do.
2. Develop a sense of responsibility. People should be proud of their accomplishments.
3. Employees need to know that we take them into account. Involve them in the task, enrich their work.
4. Give recognition, stimulation and approval. The greatest human need is the need for appreciation.
5. Link rewards to performance. In life and in work, there are values.
6. Provide rewards that are valued.
7. Promote healthy competition to avoid disloyalty. The team spirit must prevail as mutual support.
8. Be accessible. Barriers in communication creates misunderstanding.
9. Welcome people in public and correct them in private.
10. Practice active listening with your team, set up meetings, promote coexistence.
11. A high self-esteem of the head will spread to the others.
12. Consider the internal reasons.
13. Give opportunities by delegating in your team.
14. Let people m... Register

Wow. Who can suggest #18?Sign up
Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
Hi Antonio, your list of motivation principles<...

18. Motivation is a Dynamic ProcessSign up
Jaime Fernandez V., Professor, Chile
A very good and useful list. I might add a persona...

19. Belonging to a GroupSign up
Andrew Clark, Business Consultant, Australia
I suggest 19. People need purpose and belonging...

On 16: Motivation is an Inside JobSign up
Frederic A Parker, Consultant, United States
Similar to # 16. Motivation is an inside job. I th...

On 14: Allow people to Make MistakesSign up
Jose Wilson Massa, Consultant, Brazil
Many leaders forget this one. If you do not per...

20. Have the Will to MotivateSign up
Mirella, Brazil
Unfortunately, what I see in most cases is that we...

On 17. Treat People as PeopleSign up
samir mahoud elgamal, Project Manager, Egypt
This one means a lot to me and I believe it is key...

20 Principles of Human MotivationSign up
Stefano Segato, Director, Italy
Dear Antonio Barranco Ruiz, I agree with the edito...

Human Motivation in PracticeSign up
sonia.sun, Other, China
Great summary. On the other hand, practice is much...

On 9: Correcting People in PrivateSign up
Margaret Kilonzo, Manager, Kenya
I totally agree with principle 9. I have seen how ...

21. Tell People Where you are GoingSign up
Antonio Cucurachi, Other, Italy
Allow me to suggest an additonal principle to the ...

22. Recognize the Positive Impact of What we do on OthersSign up
Abiola Yusuff, Business Consultant, Nigeria
Antonio, that was a great write up! And I agree wi...

In Agreement. But ComplexSign up
A.J. Bierman, Business Consultant, South Africa
I'm in total agreement with the comments and contr...

17 Principles of Human MotivationSign up
Lucio Reyes Barranca, HR Consultant, Mexico
Hi, Antonio. Incredible! How simple it looks to ob...

23. Communicate your FocusSign up
Romy Sson, Management Consultant, Philippines
People are motivated to do something if they know ...

On 5. Link Reward to PerformanceSign up
Khalil Rajati, industrial enginer, Iran
Many people think their reward does not match thei...

On 11. Self-esteem and Conduct of LeaderSign up
Damith Baduraliyage, Student (MBA), Sri Lanka
I strongly support on no 11. The self esteem, self...

24. Encourage Co-operation Amongst Team MembersSign up
Tinus van der Merwe, Saudi Arabia
I would like to add "encourage co-operation amongs...

25. Eliminate DemotivatorsSign up
Andrew Clark, Business Consultant, Australia
Many organisations and groups could get an instant...

On 25. Eliminating De-motivatorsSign up
Jaime Fernandez V., Professor, Chile
What a great word: de-motivator! I congratulate th...

26. Provide Reasons to Work Beyond Just Earning MoneySign up
KATHRYN STEINER, MBA, Entrepreneur, United States
Provide a reason for employees to go to work other...

27. Avoid Discouraging your TeamSign up
If you don´t want to motivate the persons in your ...

Hertzberg, Mc Gregor and MotivationSign up
Herzberg gave us
Incentives versus MotivationSign up
Andrew Clark, Business Consultant, Australia
There is a difference between incentives and mo...

Incentives versus MotivationSign up
Jaime Fernandez V., Professor, Chile
Andrew, your comments are very useful. This distin...

Motivating ForumSign up
edward sevume, Other, Sweden
For some few weeks back, I came upon Antonio´s pri...

On 17. Treat People as PeopleSign up
X Mbane, Manager, South Africa
I fully agree with Antonio B. Ruiz especially numb...

On 17. In 'Workforce' the Human is First, the Employee SecondSign up
KATHRYN STEINER, MBA, Entrepreneur, United States
Agree, I have heard somewhere that it is more impo...

On 16. People do Things for Their Own ReasonsSign up
Grijseels, Coach, Netherlands
People move towards something they want or like an...

28: First Understand Each Individual PersonSign up
Abdul Rahman, Management Consultant, Malaysia
I think the toughest job for a manager is trying t...

10 Laws of Human MotivationSign up
Syed Noman Mustafa, Manager, Pakistan
Intrinsic motivation is motivation that comes from...

On Principles of Human Motivation #4: Create a sense of Win-win AchievementSign up
veronica gordon, Student (University), Jamaica
The work place should allow employers and employee...

29. Give Ongoing Education OpportunitiesSign up
KATHRYN STEINER, MBA, Entrepreneur, United States
I believe it is also important to provide employee...

30. Ask Each One in Person How they Evaluate Their Own Strength and Knowhow, and How they Could Contribute in the Best WaySign up
Karin Mogard, Consultant, Norway
People often have good knowledge on several items,...


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