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Fuad Ahmed Mahamud
There are straightforward and direct relationships between employee motivation and the performance of an organization. The chain of these relationships is the following 1. Motivated employees work well 2. The quality of their work becomes better 3. The customers are attracted to the products / services of the organization 4. Sales and revenue increase 5. The organization makes more profit and its goodwill increases I welcome any reactions to this topic, thank you. (...) Read more? Sign up for free

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The Effects of Employee Motivation

I see this subject from the strategic perspective. A motivated employee will increase the capability of the organization to achieve its mission, goals, objectives.
It will also engage all to build a strong organizational culture. Motivated employees will feel as having a strategic partnership with this organization, and their commitments and loyalty will increase from day to day.
Both of these factors will improve the performance and have a positive impact on the market share. This means an increase of profitability.


DESIRE is the Basis of Motivation and Performance

Every person needs a reason to work. Normally, thi (...)

  Bob Kohn, Student (University), United States

A Little RESPECT Goes a Long Way and Returns Even More

I have been in the business world for 30 years and (...)

  Siddharth Prabhu, Manager, India

When Employees Breathe the Business...

I agree fully but with a small twist. For me motiv (...)

  Rene Herlaar, Management Consultant, Belgium

Service Profit Chain and Human Needs

In 1994 the Harvard Service Profit Chain was devel (...)

  abiola ajayi

Employees are Greatest Assets

Motivation is an integral part of Human Resource M (...)

  Marcel Wiedenbrugge, Consultant, Netherlands

Happy Employees and Productivity

Employee happiness and productivity most of all de (...)

  R Sreenivasan, Teacher, India

Motivation and Productivity

There can be no doubt a motivated employee can con (...)

  Sharon Chua, Manager, Singapore

Motivation of Employees in Asia

A motivated employee will go the extra mile in hel (...)

  Thobile Mkhize

I Am the Enterprise!

... I am the enterprise ... could be the highest f (...)

  Kemoli A Teddy, Student (MBA)

Motivation and Organization Performance

Employees are socio-technical beings and require a (...)

  Laurent Trudel, Student (University), Canada

Motivation not per se Positive. Other Traits of Employees Effect Profitability

I respectfully suggest that motivated employees do (...)

  Gary Stead, Director, United Kingdom

Converting Employees from Engaged to Motivated

@: I do think you are right to point to other comp (...)

  Madhukar Sakorkar, HR Consultant, India

The Effect of Motivated Employees on Profitability

I agree with you FA Mahamud. I remember having see (...)

  Jagdish B Acharya, Consultant, India

Motivation May Have Positive But Low Correlation with Profit

At a microscopic level motivation improves output. (...)

  KATHRYN STEINER, MBA, Entrepreneur, United States

Employee Motivation Must Include an Aesthetic Component

Hawthorne's experiments included both a psychologi (...)

  JOSEPH SOLA ONIFADE, Manager, Nigeria

Motivation and Productivity: Any Direct Relationship?

To some extent Hawthorne effect is an academic way (...)

  Adedayo Adebesin, Student (Other), United Kingdom

Effect of Motivated Employees on Profitability

One must also consider the capability and competen (...)

  Peter Jetter, Coach, Germany

A Non-quantifiable Impact of Motivation is Worthless

In my experience, managers must justify their deci (...)

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