Pygmalion Effect vs. Self-fulfilling Prophecy vs. Hawthorne Effect

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Pygmalion Effect vs. Self-fulfilling Prophecy vs. Hawthorne Effect
What is the difference between Pygmalion Effect and a Self-fulfilling Prophecy and the Hawthorne Effect?

Pygmalion Effect and Placebo Effect
J Basanta, HR Consultant, India, Member
What is the exact meaning of the words "Pygmalion effect" and "Placebo effect"?
How are these related to the Hawthorne effect?

Pygmalion and Placebo Effect
edward sevume, Sweden, Member
As has been described in the text, the "Pygmalion effect" is another expression for a self fulfilling prophecy - the expectation that you will do good since it is expected or fall from a bicycle in the corner since you expect to fall.
The placebo effect is used in clinical evaluations where one group of two to be tested are given a toothless chemical substance from the tester and which in most cases attains a positive psychological effect as group expects positive effects as if they received the real chemical substance in the trial.
The Hawthorne effect relates to the same view (as I understand your question) that when the work environment was analyzed the workers interpreted this interest as assessment or positive personal interest in what they were doing and thus this changed their motivation positively.
I would say that there is some positive expectation and evaluation of work done which affected their motivation and thus good results!

Pygmalion Effect versus Hawthorne Effect
Darren Windsor, Teacher, United Kingdom, Member
The Pygmalion and the Hawthorne Effect are not the same thing and neither is a self fulfilling prophecy:
- The Hawthorne effect states that employees will perform better when they know they are being measured (or watched). They are not told what expectations are being placed upon them.
- The Pygmalion (or Rosenthal) effect states that people will perform better if greater expectations are placed upon them. In the Pygmalion effect, the worker is not necessarily being measured.
- A self fulfilling prophecy would occur if the workers do better, merely because they think they will do better.

Hawthorne Effect: The Perception of the Employees
edward sevume, Sweden, Member
Great input Darren, I would like to add it was not the measuring as such but the keen interest that inspired the Hawthorne workers to perform better.
Different approaches in this experiment were interpreted / perceived by the workers as concern for their well being. Better performance followed thereby!

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Hawthorne Effect
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Hawthorne Effect
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