Similarities with Bureaucratic Organization?

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Similarities with Bureaucratic Organization?
What are similarities between a matrix organization and a bureaucratic organization?

Matrix and Bureaucratic Organizations are Large
Both of these organizations are typically - though not necessarily - large.

Both Matrix and Bureaucratic Organisations are hierarchical and can not provide an open environment for efficiency and productivity.

Supportive for Blaming Behavior
Both of these organizations help everybody even managers to blame others for their own lack of performance and also help to offer reasons why someone couldn´t take responsibility for a change or an improvement.

Matrix Management
Paul D Giammalvo, Member
The concept or fundamental principle underlying matrix management does not only fly in the face of Fayol's "Unity of Command" but goes all the way back to the Old Testament talking about "man being able to serve only one master, and serve him well" Matt 6:24. I think one other clarification should be considered as well. Traditionally, matrix management is not only found where functional organizations integrate with product organizations, but also when functional organizations integrate with project centric organizations. I think there should be a link between matrix management and project management groups. BR, Dr. PDG, Jakarta

Team Building and Matrix Organization
Samuel Nduati Mbugua
The Matrix Organization is a very good organizational structure for organizations using a combination of functional and product method of departmentalization. However, it is difficult for authority, responsibility and accountability to be defined and assigned to any single position. This leads to confusion and is a cause of problems the consequences of which are organizational politics. These problems can be addressed in the matrix organizational structure, if team building and promotion of team spirit is taken as one of the core values of the organization. This will make the employees work as one team and be responsible and accountable for the results of the organization.

Matrix vs. Bureaucratic
Vincent Hart
This is a false dichotomy. Matrixed organizations tend to have the same problems as bureaucratic organizations, regardless of size. Unity of command is readily maintained with clear communication protocols in advance of competing business needs and clear vision from leadership. Protocols are only deemed bureaucratic when they conflict with or impede an authorized role or responsibility. This is found in any organization, matrixed or other. Effective leadership equates to organizational effectiveness, regardless of the systems or protocols put in place to maintain objectives.

Alignment on goals and actions
Dan Corbett
Whether you have a hierarchial organization or a matrix organization, the critical point is to have alignment on goals and actions. Ask yourself: If the organization was designed from a customer or client perspective, what would have to change from how the organization is currently structured?


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