What is a Successful Manager?

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What is a Successful Manager?
Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
When can a person reasonably be considered a successful manager?
From the company's point of view, it is a matter of performance management and KPIs. And there are countless articles on skills / traits managers should have.

But when is a person successful as a manager from his/her own, personal perspective? The answer depends perhaps on what is driving that person; what are his/her goals, values, needs, preferences, and identity.

We might use Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to illustrate the above.
For example, to some people success can be defined in FINANCIAL terms. A large salary and/or c...Sign up

A Simple Way to Rate if You are a Successful Manager
Javier Elenes, Business Consultant, Mexico, Member
Rate the contribution you made to results. That means created value (Market Value and Economic Value) to the business unit that you manage in GREEN, Y...Sign up

What a Successful Manager is
eduardo oliva, Professor, Mexico, Member
A successful manager would be an individual who consistently achieves his/her company's objectives, in a wide variety of situations, and within a well...Sign up

Successful Manager/Leader
Gregory Johnson, Coach, United States, Premium Member
I realize success through a PSYCHOLOGICAL AND PHYSICAL RELIEF upon completion or reaching a milestone throughout the execution of duties or accomplish...Sign up

2 Aspects of a Successful Manager
srinivas, Lecturer, India, Member
Success can be defined as achievement of A STATE OF BEING WITH 2 ASPECTS in a personality.
For example, effective teaching cannot happen unless a...Sign up

Success - Value Driven Managerial Actions
Sridhar Gopal, Management Consultant, India, Member
Interesting question. In my terms success is when your "thoughts meet your actions at the same point". In other words when thoughts meet reality. F...Sign up

Criteria for a Successful Manager
MUNI DAVE, Business Consultant, India, Member
I measure the success of a manager on following criteria:
  • Gives good performance, a little above target, most of the time. When below...Sign up

The Good Manger
MARZOUK, Student (MBA), Morocco, Member
The good manager who succeeds, far from the financial considerations and KPIs is the one who ensures the succession by transmitting his know-how and e...Sign up

What a Successful Manager Is.
Anthony, Manager, Nigeria, Member
A successful manager is conceptualized as one who is able and capable of utilizing the various roles of management effectively without any intermitten...Sign up

What is a Successful Manager?
AQEEL RAZA, Accountant, Pakistan, Member
The term “Manager” refers to the person managing the work of some given task which could help achieve the objectives of the company. The objectives of...Sign up

Asuccessful Manager
nabil abed alrahman, HR Consultant, Palestine, State of, Member
A successful manager is one who can gain the confidence of others and enhance their confidence in themselves and then lead them to the goals....Sign up

A Good Manager Brings 'Human Value'
Monchal, Project Manager, France, Member
Interesting topic and contributions thank you very much.
I would say that a good manager is a person who helps his team to grow, I mean in term o...Sign up

Traits of a Successful Manager
OSHUN, GRACE OKAIMA , Lecturer, Nigeria, Member
A successful manager would be one who possesses leadership qualities. The workforce should be able to look up to him as a guide, a motivator and mento...Sign up

A Successful Manager's Definition of Success is Rooted in her/his Values
Daniel Schneider, Business Consultant, United States, Member
Having studied people and motivation for most of my life, I always enjoy reading about what's new. When I first entered the workforce in 1971, people ...Sign up

The Succesful Manager Feeds the People
Aurore, Manager, Haiti, Member
I'm working as a Dean of a university in Haiti. Following my thesis in education science, I implemented an innovative master's program for teachers wi...Sign up

Being a Successful Manager
Maurice Hogarth, Consultant, United Kingdom, Premium Member
What it means to be a successful managers depends on whether you wish to be assessed as “successful” by others or by yourself.
Your external asse...Sign up

2 Perspectives on What is a Successful Manager
Lisa, Manager, Kenya, Member
Having gone through the above reactions, I am a persuaded that there are 2 perceptions or perspectives of what makes a successful manager:
    ...Sign up

The Successful Manager
g nyamudandara, Zimbabwe, Member
Understands the capabilities of employees and utilizes them wisely. A successful manager knows the right tools of trade for effective production and d...Sign up

The Successful Manager/Leader Appreciates, Trusts and Empowers Employees
Gregory Johnson, Coach, United States, Premium Member
I agree with our member from Zimbabwe. The trust and empowerment of those we manage is critical to success. The Maslow theory does not specifically po...Sign up

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