Is Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Still Valid Today?

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Is Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Still Valid Today?
IMRAN PASHA, Manager, Pakistan, Member
Yes, Maslow's need hierarchy is still valid today and even handy and practicable. Most humans have the same basic concept of needs.
One can amend or improve it with knowledge or exposure to experiences. But still we pass through the same hierarchy. A person starts to think of the second level of needs only once the first one is fulfilled.
For example, if a person is hungry, he needs food, and if you give that hungry man an appraisal or a certificate, will he be happy? Probably not...
As a manager it's especially important you consider what suits each particular employee at some point in time. That is what matters.

Is Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Still Valid?
Phillips, Entrepreneur, United States, Member
I agree with Pasha. People still have the same basic needs. In business we can see this to be true in our customer service. Customers want to be treated well. They do not want to feel like a number but rather that they are valued. As business owner we can derive greater results from our employees by appealing to their needs. Happy employees have more loyalty and produce better results.

Doubts about Validity of Hierarchy of Needs
Jaap van Barneveld, Management Consultant, Netherlands, Member
I am always a little bit in doubt when managers speak about Maslow and when they agree. Do you really mean that it is important to consider the suits of your employee when he needs it to be as angry as possible? I hope so.
Is it possible to be happy and SAD as well. I think that is the consequence from the top of Maslow pyramid. I guess we all have to do a lot in this matter. Living Maslow totally means to meet one and other as we truly are. Happy, sad, angry, dependent, independent, free, committed.
I am optimistic, but I have some doubts about the top of management and/or the capital givers, if they are prepared to make space for this world and this way of thinking. So, I pray for space for Maslow.

Maslow, Assagioli, Lacan, Whomever . .
Matt Beeks, Consultant, Member
I believe Maslow's pyramid (in its various iterations) is still valid in many ways. But I have always found such hierarchies most useful when compared to and contrasted with additional structural models.
For example, the metapsychological frameworks (topographies, topologies, etc.) described by other second-generation post-Freudians such as Roberto Assagioli and Jacques Lacan offer different takes on the same human needs versus wants, desires versus demands, aims versus goals, and so forth.

Current Validity of Maslow Hierarchy
Amina Bajaber, Student (University), Kenya, Member
It could be still valid, but it remains hard to determine which level you or someone else is in.
Apart from the basic needs like food, it is hard to categorize people according to these levels, especially the highest level you become satisfied or self actualization.
I don't think human being can reach a level of satisfaction, their wants keep on increasing as the level increases.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is Still Valid Today
Prabhakar Srivastava, Manager, India, Member
Yes, Maslow's Needs Hierarchy Theory is valued even today.
But it's not necessary that each person reaches self actualisation towards the end of his life, nor is it sure that a person will not come back to stage 1 (physiological needs) after reaching the self actualisation stage.

Maslow's Needs are Still Relevant
Phillips, Entrepreneur, United States, Member
Maslow captured the human drive for success very well with this pyramid of needs. Because of advances in media, information is exchanged and transferred back and forth between people instantly. This has led many people to worry more and more about their world.
As managers, one thing we can do to ensure our employees that they are safe. We can help fill that need of security for them to help graduate them to the next level. As they move up the pyramid they not only will become better employees but better people.
In a good mentoring program, keeping the needs of the employee at the front of your mind is key to success.
When we think like this as managers we will truly be setting our business up for lasting success. We create an environment that encourages people to care about one another and a culture of collaboration. I am a firm believer that when you set other up for success then you, yourself, will be successful.

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