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Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Promotion Mix | Marketing Communications Mix

The Promotion Mix, also called "Marketing Communications Mix", must not be confused with the Marketing Mix (4 Ps).
In fact, the Promotion Mix (PM) breaks down one of the 4 Ps: Promotion.

The PM can be defined as the specific blend of promotion tools that a company uses to engage prospects and customers, persuasively communicating customer value, and developing customer relationships.
It's important that a company not only creates but also communicates its value propositions to its prospects and customers in a planned and clear way to create and develop profitable customer relationships. This is what promotion and the promotion mix are all about.
The PM consists of a blend of 5 variables that a marketer can control:
  1. ADVERTISING: Any paid form of (non-personal) communication and marketing used to convince or persuade viewers, readers or listeners about the benefits of certain products, services, a company or even ideas.
  2. SALES PROMOTION: Short-term incentives to encourage the purchase or sale of a product or service. Examples: discounts, demonstrations, contests, coupons, displays.
  3. SALES (PERSONAL SELLING): Personal interactions with and presentations to prospects and customers by a company's sales force in order to make sales and develop customer relationships. Typical sales tools are sales presentations, trade shows, and incentive programs.
  4. PUBLIC RELATIONS: PR is somewhat special among the 5 variables in that it, besides its promotional function towards customers, also aims at building good relations with various other parties, such as: investors, the media (press), and the government (lobbying).
  5. DIRECT MARKETING and DIGITAL MARKETING (INTERNET, MOBILE, SOCIAL MEDIA) : Addressing commercial messages towards targeted individual consumers to obtain an immediate response and/or develop customer relationships.

Note that coordinating / managing these 5 variables is just one major part of the entire marketing strategy and communication efforts, which also need to integrate the other 3 Ps: Product, Price and Place. And three more in the case of services: People, Process and Physical Evidence (see: Extended Marketing Mix).
This makes Integrated Marketing Communications such a complex, demanding yet interesting field.
Source: G. Armstrong and P. Kotler (2015) "Marketing: An Introduction"


zacharia mwendwa
Student (Other)

Promotional Mix Includes PR

I like the way Jonge brought PR into the promotional mix, even if it does not only promote the produ... Sign up

Gandhi Heryanto
Management Consultant, Indonesia

Another Perspective on Integrated Marketing Communication

The Journal of Integrated Marketing Communication describes IMC as, "a customer-centric, data-driven... Sign up

Andrew Blaine
Business Consultant, South Africa

Measuring the Promotion Efforts

To be successful, any marketing/promotional initiative needs to ask (and answer) the following quest... Sign up

Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

The Essence of Integrated Marketing Communication

@Gandhi Heryanto: Thanks for sharing this perspective of the Journal of Integrated Marketing Communi... Sign up

Manager, Germany

Powerful Customer Interaction at the basis of the Promotion Mix

From my experience, one of the most powerful customer interaction options are expert workshops. Itís... Sign up

Helen Strong
Business Consultant, South Africa

Engagement Gearing

There is absolutely no doubt that different types of communication and promotions must work together... Sign up

jorge anibal hoyos hoyos
Manager, Colombia

Understand the Profile of the Customers First

Not only the customersí needs but their entire profiles, that is their finance situation, organizati... Sign up

Jafeth Quintanilla
Teacher, Peru

Tools in the Promotion Mix can be Treated Separately too

I believe that the five tools of the promotion mix are very important even if you work with only one... Sign up

Vijay Salunke
Manager, India

Sales Promotion Through Exhibitions

Historically, exhibitions have been one of the major channels for sales promotion for industrial pro... Sign up

Sarah Daghman
Lecturer, Russian Federation

Integrated Marketing Communications


Devendra Vyavaharkar
Manager, India

Another Summary of the Promotion Mix

Here's another very similar summary of the marketing communication mix. It mentions for each element... Sign up

Joy S. Pillejera
Manager, Philippines

Some Thoughts on the Promotional Mix

The promotion mix is a very important component of the whole marketing cycle. I agree on the statem... Sign up

Helen Strong
Business Consultant, South Africa

Internal Element of Communication in Promotion Mix

The above discussion is extremely useful when considering the external market place. A key aspect th... Sign up

Priyanka B
Manager, India

Product Itself as a Part of the Promotion Mix

I agree with the Venn diagram here explaining the elements. But, the borders of this diagram kind o... Sign up


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Marketing Mix | The 4Ps
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