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4Ps renamed: the SIVA model

An interesting customer-focused variant of the 4Ps was suggested by Chekitan S. Dev and Don E. Schultz in Marketing Management v.14 n.1 January/February 2005. Their approach is known as the SIVA model (Product > Solution, Promotion > Information, Price > Value, Place > Access).

  Sachin Jaiswal

SIVA Concept

Hi I need some more explanation about the SIVA concept... Thanks


Detailed Info on SIVA Model

I need more detail information about the SIVA model. Who has some further details?

  Denis Salamadin
Consultant, Netherlands

SIVA the New 4P's of Marketing

SIVA is a replacement for the standerd 4P's of marketing.
Description: SIVA stands for Solution Information Value Access and could replace the current 4 Pīs of marketing:
1. Product > Solution
2. Promotion > Information
3. Price > Value
4. Placement > Access to solution
On #1: The key to the S of solution is to see your product as a solution. It is not what is to be delivered, but what the service means or does in the eyes of your customer! This must be the main subject when you are having a sales conversation.
On #2: Information transparency came since the introduction of the internet. Your customers are aware of the benefits and downsides of your own product as well as the competitors product. Advertisement in a classic way is having its turning point and becoming less efficient. A better strategy is to give your customer clear information about your product and lean on testimonials of your current customers. ON On #3: Value The V of value is not about the price of your product, itís what kind of value it gives your customer. The focus lies on the total cost of ownership. These are the total cost of your product during the productís life time cycle. Costs can include maintenance, repair etc.
On #4: Access The location of your company is less important than it used to be. Itís more important that your company, your service and support has an easy access for your customers. For example: After how many times does my secretary answer the phone? Are my maintenance workers easy to reach? Can my customers look at the current stock, the status of their order and can they trace their shipment? This kind of accessibility has much more impact than before.

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