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Dalahn Colley
Entrepreneur, United States

Leading and Developing a Virtual Team

A virtual team - also known as a Geographically Dispersed Team (GDT) - is a group of individuals that work across time, space and organizational boudaries with links strengthened by webs of communication technology (source: Word IQ, 2010)".
There are many advantages to creating a virtual team by bringing together contributors through the use of company intranet, groupware applications, email, teleconferencing, phones, computers and other technologies.
On the other hand, the absence of face to face interaction may contribute to misunderstandings and conflict.
The challenge for the management of a virtual team is to create a cohesiveness usually reserved for successful collocated teams. The manager must create a tier of collaboration, productivity and communication that spans cultures, time and distance...
Success can be achieved when the virtual team leader addresses these questions:
- What is my role as a virtual team leader?
- How can you build high-quality relationships when people seldom, if ever, see each other in person?
- How can I enhance the performance of my virtual team?
- How can virtual relationships be managed more effectively using the company's existing communication technologies?
- Is it possible to manage performance and ensure accountability at a distance? (source: Kerber, Buono, 2011).

  Fernando de Diego
Project Manager, Spain

GDT Geodispersed Teams Perform Poor

Managing that kind of teams is still an issue. New (...)

  P.E. Pernet
Consultant, France

Virtual / Distributed Teams

I would suggest you attend this free online semina (...)

  Lito Fadera
Management Consultant, Philippines

Tip for Geographically Dispersed Teams: Have a Meeting Each Day

@Fernando de Diego: I have been a member of a proj (...)

  Purathatil Krishnan
Manager, United States

Virtual Teams need Cultural Intelligence

Virtual teams often involve diversity in ethnicity (...)

  John Minett
Director, United States

Cross Cultural Teams - Trust is a Fundamental Issue

These comments have been very useful. Placemaker a (...)

  Peter Durrant
Director, Australia

Geographically Dispersed Teams - Email is not communication

Hi Dalahn I am working from home in Perth and in (...)

  David Whitfield
Professor, United States

Communicating with a Virtual / Geographically Dispersed Team

To communicate with a virtual team: - Expectation (...)

  Joachim Armbruster
Coach, Germany

More Information on Virtual Teams?

The 5 questions asked by Kerber and Buono are good (...)

  Bill Boynton
Teacher, United States

Opportunity to Learn from a Variety of Experiences and Backgrounds

A "virtual" team is still a team of people that ne (...)

Business Consultant, India

Virtual Team Concept still in its Infancy although Fast Spreading

The virtual team-culture value-connect cauldron is (...)

  Srikumar Varma

Managing Virtual Teams

Video conferencing and teleconferencing is all rig (...)

  Miguel Sacramento
Business Consultant, Brazil

Virtual Teams - Geographically Dispersed Team : Create a Shared Dream

It doesn't matter where people are working if they (...)

  Arif ur Rehman
Professor, Pakistan

Virtual Teams - Tomorrow's Challenge

We are sitting atop a universal collaborative comm (...)

Entrepreneur, United States

Virtual Teams Have to Encompass Many Elements

Virtual global cross functional teams are somethin (...)

  Emad Adeeb Eskander

Summary Tips for Managing Virtual Teams

Here's a summary of tips for managing virtual or g (...)

  Nguyen Tri Hue
Project Manager, France

Multi-cultural Aspects and Control

As a team leader, you need to understand the multi (...)

  P.E. Pernet
Consultant, France

Do Tuckman's Norming Stage First

@Nguyen Tri Hue: I think the specificity of virtua (...)

  D. Kerns
Student (Other), United States

The Six Cs of Global Collaboration

Greetings all, the financial services organization (...)

  Cintia Rodriguez

Web 2.0 and Virtual Teams

I agree that leadership is a key to success. Nowad (...)

  Peter Bond

Is a Virtual Team Really a Team? If not Can it Be Made So?

Dalahn, (nice name). Virtual 'teams' are all the r (...)

  Samuell Yew
Project Manager, Malaysia

My Experiences in a Geographically Dispersed Team

Kudos to all contributors to highlight the correct (...)

  Cintia Rodriguez

Google Plus, the Use of Hangouts and Team-working Online

@Peter Bond: I recommend, from personal experience (...)

  F. Krynauw
Project Manager, South Africa

Success Case of Virtual Team in South Africa

I have just completed a manual of 6 volumes and 15 (...)

  Jack Van Den Heerik
Project Manager, Belgium

Managing a Global GDT: The Need for Efficient and Effective Communication

I certainly agree with most of you and would like (...)

Lecturer, Afghanistan

Geographically Dispersed Teams don't Necessarily Underperform Normal Teams

@Fernando de Diego I think in due time many people (...)

  Nguyen Tri Hue
Project Manager, France

Multi-cultural Aspects & Control

@P. E. Pernet : thank you for the clarification of (...)

  Kathy Zandbergen
Director, Canada

Simple Approach from Canada (besides Incorporating Those Above)

I work in an international company but I'm lucky i (...)

  Francesco Cuoco

Dispersed Teams a New Approach

Management of such a team is the challenge today: (...)

Teacher, India

Virtual Team is Indeed a Boon!

It is indeed a wonderful idea and with the hi-tech (...)

Entrepreneur, United States

Visual Contact and Trust

When working together remotely it would be good to (...)

  Dali Horeshka
Business Consultant, Albania

Critical Concerns to Virtual Team Functioning

Based on my experience there are three critical cr (...)

  Arif ur Rehman
Professor, Pakistan

Remote Teams can Become Hub Teams

@Kathryn Pawley Steiner: Geographical disparity do (...)

  Kurt Ludikovsky
Consultant, Austria

It's All About the Goal

I can second all what has been said here, and stil (...)

  Felix ahonzo

Things to Consider in Managing a Virtual Team

In my view, these are the main things to consider (...)

Student (University), New Zealand

GDT and Virtual Team Dynamics, Glass Half Full

Much good and diverse opinions on this topic here! (...)

Entrepreneur, United States

Building Relationships and Establishing Trust in Virtual Teams

@Arif Ur Rehman: I have become accustomed to commu (...)

  Arif ur Rehman
Professor, Pakistan

The Virtual Trust in Virtual Teams

@Kathryn Pawley Steiner: Contrasted to your 'low f (...)

  Sim Poay See
Material Analysis, Malaysia

We are discussing Virtual Teams in a Virtual Team!

This is a great topic and I feel that we are havin (...)

  Arif ur Rehman
Professor, Pakistan

Evolving a Practical Model for GDT's

@Sim Poay See: Over the coming weeks, while scanni (...)

Teacher, India

Exchanging Views on GDT and Virtual Teams Sans Personal Faiths

I really appreciate the contribution of Mr. Arif U (...)

Entrepreneur, United States

Standards for Global Cross Functional Teams Established by Organization

@Arif Ur Rehman: Arif, this discussion with all pa (...)

  John limpus

Virtual Teams are the Way of the Future

The reality is that virtual teams are the way of t (...)

  Francesco Cuoco

Tools for Dispersed Virtual Teams

Surely virtual teams are the feature. The question (...)

Teacher, India

GDT as a Social Group and Network for Effective and Efficient Services Marketing

GDT is a good and effective concept of getting con (...)

  Arif ur Rehman
Professor, Pakistan

Geographically Dispersed Teams and Global Marketing Efforts - Finding the Key

@Venkatesh: GDT and global marketing win if effort (...)

  Dali Horeshka
Business Consultant, Albania

Well-forged Objectives and Plan Make Geographically Dispersed Teams Functional

I just discussed with one of my colleagues engaged (...)

Entrepreneur, United States

Geographically Dispersed Teams Must Involve Relationship Building

This discussion certainly is interesting, with sev (...)

  Arif ur Rehman
Professor, Pakistan

12manage as a Global Platform for Debates

Dear All: the on-going debates, dialogues and disc (...)

  abraham garshong

Requirements for Virtual Teams / Geographical Dispersed Teams

@Emad Adeeb Eskander: excellent summary! In my vie (...)

Teacher, India

GDT and Views Thereon

@Kurt Ludikovsky : your points are highly relevant (...)

  Irene Brunner Jucker

Leading Dispersed Teams

In my experience, coaching competencies (in the se (...)

  Connie Liu
Project Manager, China

Best Practices in Managing Overseas Teams

There are many areas that both sides need to consi (...)

Consultant, United Kingdom

The Importance of Small Talk in Virtual Teams

Small talk is often a missing ingredient in virtua (...)

  Anneke Zwart
Student (University), Netherlands

Best Practices to Managing and Developing Effective Virtual Teams

Ferrazzi just published an interesting article on (...)

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Productivity of Telecommuters and Flexworkers

See also the discussion Factors Determining the Pr (...)

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