Advantages of Management by Exception

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Advantages of Management by Exception
Iqbell, Student (University), Member
Management by Exception is a management technique by which managers concentrate only on exceptional deviations instead of trying to correct each and every deviation.
The advantage of the technique of management by exception is that it allows the manager to concentrate on problems that need his attention and to avoid dealing with those that can be well handled by the subordinated themselves.
1. It allows the manager to devote more time for important issues by letting the subordinates deal with the issues of a routine nature.
2. The manager need not bother about routine matters.
3. Since the manager devotes more time for vital issues, he will be able to make better decisions.
4. The subordinates are given authority to make decisions on certain matters without any interference by the executives.
5. The management is also able to utilize the available talent at the lower levels
6. Helps to identify the responsible person....Sign up

Management by Exception is Efficient
Bob Mason, Management Consultant, United States, Member
Managers should only need to deal with issues that are beyond the capability or authority of leaders below them in the organization's hierarchy.
...Sign up

Management by Exception is Focus
Charles Peter, CEO, Kenya, Member
It is the best way of ensuring that the company leadership focuses on fundamental areas requiring key attention as opposed to dealing with minor issue...Sign up

Apply Management by Exception Situational
Tinus van der Merwe
Management by exception is not a panacea, it should be applied in the right context, always being aware of the risk of abdicating. In my humble opinio...Sign up

No Micromanagement
CHRIS, Manager, Kenya, Member
'Management by exception is the opposite of micromanagement. If the manager is not micromanaging his/her team, then this principle is already at play....Sign up

Forget About MBE
Eric Schmitz, Belgium, Premium Member
MBE (as MBO) seems to be a theoretical approach far away of reality.

Ed: the rest of the reaction of Mr. Eric Schmitz was moved to the discus...Sign up

Manangement by Exception Develops Talent
Kachope Kato A.B, HR Consultant, Uganda, Member
MBE is the recommended way to go. By challenging, motivating and progressively empowering subordinates their talents can fully develop in their own an...Sign up

Advantages of Management by Exception
Gafar Bamikole, Accountant, United Kingdom, Member
MBE helps to optimize subordinates potentials and improves their motivation due to the use of their discretion and initiative. Also it allows higher m...Sign up

Agent Provocateur Besides Exceptions
OSeasnain, Teacher, Netherlands, Member
Managers are an integral part of the system and their role is diverse but includes that of agent provocateur, challenging the daily assumptions and no...Sign up

Management by Exception
Udit Chaudhuri, Business Consultant, India, Member
Certainly, exception reporting and handling is an excellent control loop for dividing work by authority and responsibility, but managerial duties also...Sign up

Pros of Management by Exception
Henry Ayoroh, Student (University), Turkey, Member
Delegation to subordinates tasks that normally they should not be handling gives them opportunity for development and to take initiatives on their own...Sign up

Build a Decision-making Pool with MBE
SUNIL UNNI, CEO, India, Member
MBE is a good tool to build a decision making pool in the organisation. Delegation of authority and

Management by Exception Builds Managers
Antonio Ghiozzi, Director, Italy, Member
I see it as managing the highest priority with a strong team work.
As manager you need to build managers behind you and there is no way to do thi...Sign up

MBE is a BFO
Tim Boykin, Management Consultant, United States, Member
MBE is more of a bfo (blinding flash of the obvious). Proper delegation and building trust will create the environment that allows the team to solve i...Sign up

Management by Exception: Who's Got the Monkey...
tan liong choon, Management Consultant, Singapore, Member
There is another motivation to manage by exception: it's called "Who's got the monkey".
The idea is that as managers, you can't afford to ...Sign up

Management by Exception in Accordance to Company's Size
HABIB MOSTAFIZI, HR Consultant, Iran, Member
Surely in large companies management by exception is inevitable but, how about SMEs?
In my opinion at SMEs the management must focus on all matte...Sign up

Management by Exception is for Mature Groups and Firms
VENKATESWARAN, Teacher, India, Member
MBE is no doubt, a very important and useful approach, but may not suit new and nascent organizations, that are still in the process of getting establ...Sign up

Advantage of Management by Exception in Education
Hiren Shah, Investor, India, Member
In the practical world, management by exception (MBE) can lead to effectiveness in addition to efficiency by following concepts like

Advantages of Management by Exception in Operational Management
Nirmal Gopaul, Coach, Mauritius, Member
MBE can indeed optimize decision making in operational management. It helps in the detection of typical issues which slows performance and encourages ...Sign up


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