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What is Lean Transformation?
Paul Ryan, United Kingdom, Member
What about lean transformation, members of the management team want to focus more on lean transformation rather than on lean manufacturing. What are your views on this?

Lean Transformation..
Eric Schmitz, Consultant, Belgium, Premium Member
First of all, it is tricky to react on words when the definition of these words is not clear. Lean manufacturing is part of a lean transformation, I suppose.
I understand that management team members have the 'feeling' that the focus should not be on manufacturing but on transformation throughout the whole value stream. This should not be a feeling but a result of an analysis. Value stream mapping will provide the needed facts and figures to decide for the next steps and their priority.
Also hoshin kanri, a3 reporting, catch ball... Could help to make things clear and aligned.

Lean Transformation Often Begins with Lean Manufacturing
Samuell Yew, Project Manager, Malaysia, Member
Transforming from traditional to lean begins with someone in the organization believing this is the right way forward. More often than not, this person is not from the top echelon and therefore has to fight a difficult battle of convincing both the top and bottom hierarchy at the same time.
From my personal experience in my organization, the effective way to achieve this aim is by consistently producing results. For a start, physical transformation yields most buy in both by the top and bottom hierarchy.
Once properly implemented, these mechanistic changes starts to yield monetary gains and people engagement. At some point in time, top management will start taking notice and show interest. If the initiator can convince the top echelon, the "what's in it for me"; most likely, the management will want to test this out.
Hence, it is my personal view that usually lean manufacturing must precede lean transformation for real cultural changes to be possible.

Lean Transformation and Lean Manufacturing
Dotman, Consultant, Netherlands, Member
Lean transformation is the journey that brings you towards lean management. Basically the same as lean manufacturing, just mostly outside manufacturing.
If management wants to start with the lean transformation, ask them how they will make sure that the culture (result of management style) will change.

As Lean as Possible But not Leaner..
Dmitry Kosintsev, Manager, Russian Federation, Member
It seems we play with words... I avoid to use "LEAN" at all and now people understand me. When we use "operational excellence" and describe it as "zero loss level" it is a good vision to communicate.
"transformation" is a movement to "operational excellence", if continues improvement is a part of your production culture your everyday is a transformation... It is just a part of your daily change management on the way to operational excellence...
In some lean-schools they call A JUMP TO A NEW APPOINTED LEVEL as "A TRANSFORMATION", and even have "LEAN TRANSFORMATION TEAMS"...

Lean Transformation is the Process of Introducing Changes in an Organization
Ger de Waard, Management Consultant, Netherlands, Premium Member
Lean transformation is the process of introducing changes in an organization with the goal of maximizing the flow of value produced for the customer. As a result of this process, wasteful activities are identified, removed or optimized. This comes contrary to the popular belief that Lean is all about the eliminating waste.
Lean is all about producing more customer value and the removal of waste is just a consequence. This might sound like a nuance to some, but making a distinction is actually pretty important.
If we think about Lean only from the perspective of reducing waste, then it's easy to confuse a Lean initiative with cost cutting or budget reduction. Itís a shame, but many companies actually mean exactly this, when they claim to be going Lean. This is plain wrong and far from what the real intentions should be.

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