Organizations Must Go on a DIET to Become Lean

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Leila McKenzie
Business Consultant, United States

Organizations Must Go on a DIET to Become Lean

Lean is focused on the elimination or reduction of waste and the continuous improvement of the overall performance of a company. Acquiring the proficiency to accomplish more with less is the path toward removing insignificant activities from organizational practices. Creating more value and applying a different way of thinking during processes is at the heart of lean concepts. A diet to become lean consists of principles that organizations integrate through Discipline, Improvement, Efficiency, and Training (DIET):

- discipline. When incorporating a diet in your organizational practices, discipline is vital before your system becomes fit. The leader needs to be a dedicated champion for change, open-minded, and without skepticism. It is important to have a methodical understanding of the issues facing the organization and the environment for which it operate as one of its biggest challenges toward the plan to become lean. The most significant aspect for the successful implementation of lean mythologies is to ensure that it becomes a part of the everyday mindset within the organization. Setting the stage for a structured process for managing and maintaining the diet of an organization will require a consistent serving of discipline.

- Continuous Improvement is a nutritional requirement that provides healthy solutions to an organizational diet. In today's economy, a company has to supplement improvement at all levels of the organization as part of the strategic goal. Understanding the need for growth and learning while standardizing processes are the foundation of the ongoing effort to improve product, services, and processes. Customizing a culture that drives change with constant improvement will motivate and enable the organization to recognize and detoxify waste along with enhancing its dedication toward the objective.

- Efficiency is another fundamental component of the DIET to becoming lean, which encompasses various practices to enhance quality, competence, and responsiveness to customers. In an effort to focus on escalating efficiency, an organization needs to burn off non-value added practices and processes while concentrating on issues caused by its most important challenges. Practicing perfection and maintaining persistence toward a lean environment will encourage efficiency and motivate the need for continuous improvement, despite the organizational challenges.

- Training. Creating a culture of continuous learning is essential. Successful implementation requires all employees be trained to identify and remove waste from processes. It is imperative while implementing lean to be aware of the strictness of your organization's DIET. The pivot of lean initiative involves the training of personnel, which is instrumental in it successful implementation. Lean is a tool and technique, but most importantly, a way of thinking, which begins with exercising the muscle of the organization from top-down. The philosophy, values, and practices of lean are more effective when applied across the entire organization.

Lean concepts encompass various practices of applying philosophies and techniques of eliminating waste. Integrating the principles of discipline, improvement, efficiency, and training (DIET) into a lean initiative creates a culture that embraces change. Learning to eliminate non-value added practices and processes through a DIET plan assures the organization is on the strict path to becoming lean.


Jason Osborn
Manager, United Kingdom

Lean Manufacturing and Culture

Unfortunately it sounds like you've read all the books, the reality of employing Lean is that it is ... Sign up

Joe Boyle
United States

Organizations Must Go on a DIET to Become Lean

Acronyms are a good way to help us remember and tell stories. DIET helps us to remember keys to ci -... Sign up

James Shanbrom
Entrepreneur, United States

Lean Organization Diet

@Jason Osborn: my organization went on a diet and lost about 750 pounds, I mean employees in just tw... Sign up

Entrepreneur, United States

Zappos and Google Good Examples of combining Function and Fun Within Business

@Jason Osborn: great acronym... and discussion... I recently saw an interview on the 20/20 with Zapp... Sign up

Marty Conway, UK

DIET Proves to Be a Great Starting Point for Discussion

It is a great starting point to use DIET to discuss Lean with inexperienced employees. The reality o... Sign up

Jagdish Mehta
Entrepreneur, India

DIET is the Order of the Day

Yes, I believe, DIET is the key to integrate, harness and accelerate the growth engine of an organiz... Sign up

Business Consultant, India

Executives Must Also Go on a Diet

A very interesting and useful proposition. In addition, all important executives of the company must... Sign up

Consultant, Uganda

Rude Shock - You are Obese!

The DIET acronym helps to recall critical issues related to 'leanness' of an organization. Like in... Sign up

Mirza Fareed Beg
Management Consultant, Pakistan

DIET Without T (training) Leads Fat Organizations to DIE

The "T" in DIET is the most important factor towards making 'obese' organizations Lean. "T"raining i... Sign up

Manager, India

DIET Extremely Useful to Explain Lean

The DIET acronym is indeed extremely useful to put across the concept of Lean. 1. The general meani... Sign up

Consultant, India

People in an Organisation Must Be TIED to Become Lean

The people in an organisation should be TIED -- Training, Improvement, Efficiency, Discipline -- to ... Sign up

Jasper Mugambi
Manager, Kenya

ING not Linked to a Lean Strategy

@KATHRYN PAWLEY STEINER : adding ING: Inspirational, Necessary to economy and culture and Giving bac... Sign up

Ellis, United Kingdom

Pitfalls when you're DIETing to Become Lean

DIET is a great acronyms and definitely food for thought, provided it's the right food, of course. ... Sign up

Srikumar Varma

DIETing is not Simply a Cost Reduction Tool

The idea of DIET should not be used of as a cost reduction tool and a means of reducing employees. P... Sign up

Eric Schmitz
Consultant, Belgium

First Value for the Customer, Then DIET

The DIET concept should as everything be improved continuously. First of all, DIET can only wo... Sign up

K.Narayana Moorthy
HR Consultant, India

DIET and Lean Management in Enterprises

Lean management in an enterprise is eliminating waste and creating value in the system. This is diff... Sign up

Milko Cuadros Saavedra
Director, Bolivia

DIET and Lean Management in Enterprises

I like the DIET acronym and analogy very much. Sometimes it's easier to understand things in other w... Sign up

melchiorre calabrese
Manager, Italy

Organization Must Go on a DIET to Become Lean

@Mirza Fareed Beg: Great! Wise and homorous! I really appreciate your consideration!... Sign up

Entrepreneur, United States

Does ING adds to DIET Fundamentals?

@Jasper Mugambi: thank you for your comments. Initially it would not appear my suggestions I-Inspira... Sign up


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