Lateral Thinking versus Logical Thinking

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Lateral Thinking versus Logical Thinking
Carlos Pelaez, Management Consultant, Guatemala, Member
Lateral Thinking is a method that stimulates creativity in solving problems. This method is an aid for looking new perspectives or points of views of an specific situation. In opposition to logical (lineair) thinking which is affected by paradigms....Sign up

Lateral versus Logical Thinking
col n bhatnagar, Management Consultant, India, Member
In my opinion Lateral Thinking is: without changing the objective you look for new approaches, ideas and courses to achieve the same objective....Sign up

Logical Thinking is not Cause and Effect
Hassaan Khalid
There are two types of reasoning: inductive and deductive. Inductive uses heuristics. Deductive use...Sign up

Lateral versus Normal Thinking
Dhanushkodi, Management Consultant, India, Member
Lateral Thinking is different from normal or logical thinking as it warrants one to think in directions which are not logically the next step. ...Sign up

Lateral Thinking Viewed as High Risk
Hal Weintrub, Project Manager, Member
I believe LINEAIR thinking is a "learned" response that becomes more prevalent with age, experience, etc.
I think that LATERAL thinking is...Sign up

Lateral Thinking can be Unreasonable
Ali Sumner, CEO, Australia, Member
Hi Hassan - you maybe interested in what Edward De Bono has to say about inductive and deductive thinking and lateral thinking. This is a quote from h...Sign up

Lateral Thinking and Logical Thinking
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
Unless lateral thinking is logical it cannot be relevant and is nothing more than day dreaming. For lateral thinking to have effect and show the way f...Sign up

Lateral Thinking and Logical Thinking
Ali Sumner, CEO, Australia, Member
Lateral Thinking has several 'stages':
1. Firstly our normal thinking about the issue/ task/problem for which we want to deliberately create new ...Sign up

The Lateral Thinking Process
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
@Ali Sumner: I wonder how closely the process you describe follows reality. I consider myself to be a lateral thin...Sign up

Lateral Thinking V Logical Thinking
Ivan Kohlinsky, Management Consultant, United Kingdom, Member
To me, Lateral Thinking and logical thinking methods are somewhat 'at odds'. Once one starts to map process flows, draw flowcharts etc etc one's mind ...Sign up

Anyone Can Be a Lateral Thinker
Ali Sumner, CEO, Australia, Member
@Ivan Kohlinsky: Hmmm possibly. In regards to lateral thinking versus logical thinking, check out my recent @Sign up


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