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Lateral Thinking = Critical Thinking
jabbari, Manager, Iran, Member
I think that lateral thinking is critical thinking. (...) Read more? Sign up for free

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  Lateral Thinking = Critical Thinking
Emmanuel Reyme, Director, United States, Member
  In response to Jabbari, call it: lateral, critical, or strategic thinking, the resonance seems to be the same with slight nuance. In any case, a thinker has to show openess and integration to embrace ideas from every corner.
If lateral thinking was used in developing countries, democracy would find a very good place and reign.

  Lateral Thinking ≠ Critical Thinking
Ali Sumner, CEO, Australia, Member
  Edward De Bono (the inventor of the term, the definition and the tools of lateral thinking) says innocence is the classic creativity of children. They don't know (because of a lack of experience) the usual approach, the usual solution, the usual concepts involved, so they come up with a fresh approach. Plus they are not inhibited by knowing the constraints and knowing what cannot be done, so they are more able to suggest a novel approach.
As De Bono points out - this kind of creativity of children is not lateral thinking - lateral thinking is the deliberate and conscious process of shocking the brain out of its normal patterns of perception with specific lateral thinking tools (invented by De Bono) so that new ideas can emerge.

  Six Thinking Hats Show the Difference
Gary Wong, Consultant, Canada, Member

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Lateral Thinking
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