Creativity Requires Lateral Thinking AND Vertical Thinking

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Creativity Requires Lateral Thinking AND Vertical Thinking

🔥NEW When we think about solution which needs creativity, Lateral Thinking (LT) AND Vertical Thinking (VT) are both a necessity.
Vertical thinking is a type of approach to problems that usually involves one being selective, analytical, and sequential. It could be said that it is the opposite of lateral thinking. Unlike lateral thinking that involves using added intuition, risk taking, and imagination through unconscious and subconscious processes, vertical thinking consists of using more of a conscious approach via rational assessment in order to take in information or make decisions. This type of thinking encourages individuals to employ a sequential approach to solving problems where a creative and multidirectional response is seen as imprudent.

Some people will like playing with LT; others with VT. The facilitator, within a team, will have to choose the right uncertain path, while going through linearity and sequentiality, network thinking, and a high level of fragmentation in order to allow the emergence of a solution.
Complexity is part of our brain: VT and LT help us to converge towards simplicity. Thanks to De Bono.


Is Vertical Thinking the Same as Rational Thinking?

Hi Marcel, thank you for starting this topic on Ve (...)

  Manoj Rambajan (MBA)

Creativity Requires Lateral Thinking and Vertical Thinking

In a world characterized by constant changes and u (...)


VT & LT Thinking

@Manoj Rambajan (MBA): 👍 Thanks Manoj for (...)

  K R Sethuraman
Professor, Malaysia

Dual Process Theory Incorporates LT and VT

The Dual Process Theory is currently widely accept (...)

  Olaf de Hemmer
Business Consultant, France

Value(s) Design to Combining Analytical and Emotional in Creativity

Combining vertical/analytical and lateral/emotiona (...)

Student (MBA)

Comment on LT and VT Thinking

Interesting topic indeed. I concur with the contri (...)

  Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

Vertically Lateral Thinking

@Anonymous: I would suggest that Rational (Logical (...)

  John Henry
Project Manager, United States

Thinking and Decions Making and Creativity

Why is this line of discussion happening? Rational (...)

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