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G.J. van Beeck Calkoen
Coach, Spain
I am not sure about that everyone could learn lateral thinking. I several times failed to even get a pupil to grips with the principles. I assume they had a psychological barrier, caused by successes in rational thinking at university and also that learning by explanation is the only way of learning. (...) Read more? Sign up for free

  Jose Pin
Manager, Mexico

Thinking Outside the Box can be Learned

Lateral thinking seems like the ability to think outside the box. To have the capacity of breaking a problem down to its basis elements. Not everyone can do it per se, but this skill can certainly be obtained by "bending" pre-established notions.
How? Everyday practice with small irrelevant events that occur in our surroundings. The challenge is to be able to break our habits. Don´t think that there is one and only one solution for a certain problem. Solution is merely a method and there can be a lot of methods, as long as we keep our eyes on the main goal: resolve!

  Henry Egidius
Consultant, Sweden

Lateral Thinking is Hard

Lateral thinking is difficult because you have to (...)

  Ali Sumner
CEO, Australia

Lateral Thinking Needs Unlearning

Hi Jose and Henry, I have trained people in authen (...)

  G.J. van Beeck Calkoen
Coach, Spain

Lateral Thinking is Hard

Hi Ali, with respect, you set up a rather circular (...)

  Ali Sumner
CEO, Australia

Lateral Thinking is Hard

Hi G.J., in my experience, when people are learnin (...)


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