Lateral Thinking and Meta Thinking

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Lateral Thinking and Meta Thinking
mohammed chalil, Member
Lateral thinking and meta thinking are related. As meta thinking is about thinking about thinking (…and so on). To be an effective lateral thinker you should think about your thought process.
To explain further we can look at the geometric analogy of lateral thinking. Based on lateral thinking principle, to make your new solution lateral you have to take a ‘lateral’ direction. If you are already a lateral thinker, taking one more lateral step might bring you to ‘parallel’ (90+90 degree will take you to parallel in a plane). To avoid this, look for other planes!
Think about a multi-dimensional space where you have ‘n’ orthogonal planes. To solve a problem, the thought is applied in orthogonal plans. The solutions will be completely from one plane or from combinations of tips from more than one plans which gives the complete solution.
To solve your problem, look for solutions / tips in many plans. This needs put constant effort to guide your thought process optimally to traverse optimum number of plans.

On Lateral Thinking and Metathinking
Konopatov S.N., Member
Meta Thinking is a kind of reflection (reflection – cybernetical terming). Reflection is a compulsory property of human thinking: each person analyzes its own thinking and activity, and thus learn on the own experience.
Without reflection it is impossible to learn; without it the thinking of any person never would be above thinking of infantile age. Meta Thinking – as the thinking reflection – equally concerns both: to linear thinking, and to lateral thinking.
We can observe and analyze both one's own thinking (self-reflection), and another's thinking (extra-reflection).
In many cases extra-reflection is very effective – for example, training someone to system thinking.
In cybernetics the one who carries out a reflection – i.e. observes and analyzes (meta thinker), is called an observer.
Obviously, any real observer is imperfect: he doesn't know something, in something he could be mistaken, therefore his meta thinking is imperfect. To eliminate imperfection of the observer, a meta observer is necessary who will correct and train the observer. In turn, the meta observer too is imperfect, and the meta-meta-observer is necessary, etc.
Thus, the perfect system of reflection is a system of reflection of infinite order.

Lateral Thinking and Science
Konopatov S.N., Member
If we speak about lateral thinking – it is necessary to talk about science, scientific research, scientific method. Precisely in science the most crazy ideas are claimed. And precisely science specializes in promotion and check of such ideas, has a special toolkit for this purpose.
Is lateral thinking out of science, out of scientific methodology? Certainly not.
Then – how does lateral thinking correspond with science, scientific methodology, with its concrete tools? Obviously, this is a rich theme for conversation.

Lateral Thinking and Science
Ali Sumner, Member
Lateral thinking sits within the area of complexity science. It was invented by Dr Edward De Bono when he was at Oxford and Cambridge Universities, to solve the problems associated with the human brain being a complex adaptive system. Dr Scott Kelso's work on the self-organisation of brain and behaviour at the centre for complex systems at Florida University is in-line with De Bono's proposition that the human brain is a self-organising information system - hence our need for lateral thinking (lateral thinking not to be confused with being a lateral thinker).

Lateral Thinking is Rather the Exception, Than a Rule
Konopatov S.N., Member
It is necessary to move from point A to point B. Between this points often is an excellent highway. But we are lateral thinkers, therefore we do not want to use highways, we must find other ways. How you name such «lateral thinkers»?
In everyday life, the overwhelming majority of problems has such highways perfected by centuries, and better ways simply don't exist.


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