The Italian Way to Think

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The Italian Way to Think
Sergio Bonfiglio, Italy
Once during a large conference an attendee was asking me why the Italian people seem to be so creative in so many fields of design, fashion, art, lifestyles, industry?
I replied that this was because a fundamental cultural reason.
The Italians are a people that were conquered multiple times. So we're used to fight every day for many things that in other countries are taken as normal. And we developed a cultural way to face problems with humor and imagination.
Every day the Italian people use the method of the 'lateral thinking'.
Many times we're too much unorthodox and unconventional, so we mess up things a little, I admit it...
But where we can fight with equal weapons we usually win. Ferrari, Ducati, Gucci, Armani etc. But also precision mechanics, chemistry, physics etc. are proof. So now I will tell you what I say to all my students: be unorthodox and unconventional as you can, and try to be it every day a little bit more without losing discipline.
With your enemies you must arrive unexpected and then act unpredictably.
Divide your big problems in small parts. Never let your problems to overwhelm your judgment.
Look well into the soul of your collaborators because a general who does not know the potential of his army is a true looser.
Fire without any regret any of your managers who do not know their people. They are true losers that will endanger your business because they don’t know how to use the army that you're paying and providing them.
Smile when you win but don't be too worried when you lose because a new fight is rising in front of you and the tears obfuscate the sight.
Be creative and smile: after all being a manager is great!

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Sergio Bonfiglio, Italy

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