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Lateral Thinking Methods / Tools
C. Divakaran
Lateral thinking is key today. What methods and tools are being deployed within lateral thinking? Please summarize one tool in your reply. Thanks! (...) Read more? Sign up for free

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  What are Methods of Lateral Thinking?
Anton Korchinskiy, Coach, Ukraine, Member
  Lateral thinking is the group of methods to find definitely new way of reaching your goals. After finding them you also need to analyze them, because the ideas are not always really good. I had two occasions in my practice as a business-coach to train managers in lateral thinking methods. In one company it gave a serious financial result. In the other it was also useful, but the situation they wanted to change is still the same after three years :-)
All methods of LT are based on two principles:
1. One of them is telling that mostly people use up to 3 ways of finding the solution. lt needs believing that there are always more than 20 ways of solving a problem. You simply need to investigate how you can change your attitude to the situation. It is the key.
2. The second principle is telling that using LT works when you focus at the result you need, but not at the problem. This is easy to say, but my experience shows that people very often think they are result-focused when they are really stunned in the "swamp" of problems-focusing.

  What are Methods of Lateral Thinking?
R Hallagan, Management Consultant, United States, Member

  Lateral Thinking and the Green Hat
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  Decreasing Bias in Lateral Thinking
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  Lateral Thinking
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  Serious Creativity Tools
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  Lateral Thinking Book with Many Tools
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  6 Hats
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  @Abdul Qadir on Six Thinking Hats
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  Lateral Thinking
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  What are Methods of Lateral Thinking
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Lateral Thinking
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